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Sick Submitter is one of my favorite automatic backlink builders now. It’s not only because of the concept, but also because of their mass development to build a great automatic backlink program that will include all of automatic backlink platform, from article submitter, forum profile builder, and directory submitter. And if you look into the Sick Marketing forum, you can see that they have a great forum with massive development.

Sick submitter is a new name from sick marketing. At the first time they released their software, they’re only focus on forum profile builder. But now they also have the open platforms that make you could create your own backlink script for your own purpose. On the other words, maybe the  Sick Submitter concept is like UbotStudio. The only difference between them is UbotStudio doesn’t have multi thread which makes this program slow enough when processing the submission, while on sick marketing, they have multi thread to make submission process faster.

Software Pros

  • Automatic account generator. Sick Submitter will create random fake profile for you. You didn’t need to create it for your self, if you are a lazy man this will help you.
  • Automatic register and submit profile link in forum profile website. But you can’t only create your custom script or template to create backlink on any other platform, but also Sick Submitter comes with PHPDLL directory submitter
  • Captcha breaker feature. This software uses captcha breaker service such as decaptcher and death by captcha, and also it will click the email verification to finish registration process.
  • Sick Submitter also comes with link wheel structure backlink between each profile backlink.
  • Advanced Link Spinning. By using the industry standard link spinning syntax, you can create profiles for links created by the other major link building tools.
  • Great comunity forum. You can find how Sick Submitter forum is growing and each member help other member. You will also find various free templates which will help you to set Sick Submitter on new platform, or you can buy or sale it if you can create your own templates.

Software Cons

  • Sick Submitter has a little problem every time we try running it. When you get website which has captcha, the captcha box will appear as pop-up although you set its automatic captcha breaker. You also get this problem if finding website which has pop-up windows. Although Sick Submitter already has IE killer, it’s still having a problem.

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Sick Submitter Testimonial

Testimonial from BHW Forum

Testimonial from Warrior Forum

Software Price

  • $19.99 / month
  • $189.99 / year
Trial30 days

Sick Submitter becomes one of the best and recommended software from many internet markerters. You can use it along with SEnuke and you can also create your own template like scrapebox or WPMU submitter, even other purpose template. If you’re still not sure about its power, you can download the trial version and see the power of Sick Submitter.

Sick Submitter – Automatic Backlink Software For Many Platform4.5autobacklinkreview2010-09-06 20:15:58Sick Submitter is one of my favorite automatic backlink builders now. It’s not only because of the concept, but also because of their mass development…

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  1. randy the carpet cleaner on said:

    Sick submitter a must have.

  2. Caspios on said:

    Thanks for this information. I’m constantly looking for ways to get backlinks.

  3. frogstone on said:

    I want to have this software for may future campaign. :D

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