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Article Demon, the newest article submitter software in the market, has more complete features ever than any other similar submitters and I think it’s the best one for this time. With this you can save yourself from burning hours of submitting articles to article directories with relevant categories.

This software is created by Edwin who is also a creator of Bookmarking Demon and Blog Comment Demon. Some of these tools come with their own unique features and Edwin has always wished that he could have all the best features combined in one software. And here it is, the most comprehensive Article submission program available. I have written article demon review with the pros and cons point of the program and surely I need your opinion about it.

Article Demon Pros

  • Article Demon becomes the most complete article directory submitters which has a mixture of popular article directories (such as EzineArticles, ArticleCity, ArticleBase, etc), and also article directory script based on ArticleMS, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and WordPress article directories. Even you can also add your own article directory list into Article Demon.
  • Automatically creates article directory account for you and automatically login to your email account to click the verification link. If the article directory allows you to create multiple pen names, it will also create multiple pen names for each article directory. And the last one, the software will store your multiple accounts on each article directories and it will randomly pick one account for submission.
  • This program is able to check whether your article has been published or not. It will store the published URL and include it to your exported report. So, if you want to get more advance report on article submitter tools, you should go to Article Demon
  • It also has a visual scheduler. You could also make use of the scheduling drip your articles across every x minutes. You can schedule your account creation, pen name creation and article submission tasks. If we compare it with Article Marketing Robot which also has schedule feature, I can say that the schedule feature is more advance than Article Marketing Robot.
  • Built-in spinner. Like other submitter, this article submitter also include the article spinner feature. It comes with their own synonim words and phrase database, even you can also mass replace synonim in your article. The database synonim is good for avoiding duplicate content. But if you want to get more synonim database, I recommend you to get The Best Spinner.
  • Anti boot mechanism. This feature will make your submission process like manual human submission. It simulates human submission to lower speed which will protect your account banned from article directories. This means your submission will be more natural.
  • Last thing that makes this automatic article submitter different from other article submitter software is its proxy support. If you can say that you don’t need to use proxy when trying to submit your article, yes, it’s true. But how if you submit a lot of articles in the same time even with different accounts? This case could be a big problem because it will cause your article directory account banned. So, I think proxy support feature is good for protecting your account from that problem.

Article Demon Cons

  • Article Demon only provides 100 main article directories and 500 article directory list bonus that can be added into Article Demon. But if you have your own article directory list, you can add it yourself.
  • The price is more expensive than any other article submitter softwares. If you compare it with the closer article submitter tool competitor like Article Marketing Robot which has $97 price (even you can get $87 discount price, see Article Marketing Robot post), the Article Demon price is still $127. But absolutely it’s still worth too ;)

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Article Demon vs Article Marketing Robot

It’s difficult enough for me to compare which is the best one between Article Demon and Article Marketing Robot. These two products are the best article directory submitter in the market for now, but let me compare these products.

  • Article Demon beats Article Marketing Robot with its article spinner feature, anti boot scheme (proxy and human simulation process) and its nice feature that allows you to add your own article directory list. While Article Marketing Robot doesn’t have those kind features.
  • Article Marketing Robot is faster and $37 cheaper than Article Demon. You can also add your blog list (Article Demon doesn’t have this feature althougt you can add your own article directory list). Article Marketing Robot also has 2700 article directories in their database, while Article Demon only has 100 main article directories + 500 article lists bonus.

With this comparison, I rank Article Demon is more powerful because it has more features than Article Marketing Robot. But I don’t say that Article Marketing Robot is not good, it’s about the budget. If you have lower budget, you can try Article Marketing Robot. But if you want to get more powerful features with higher budget, then the Article Demon is your best choice ;)

Special Discount Price

Price$197 one time
Guarantee60 days
Discount CodeSee below

The software is selling at $127, but for limited time you can get article demon discount for only $97, you have 60 days no question ask guarantee, if you don’t like it, you can ask refund your money, act fast now before to late to get this product.

Article Demon Review – The Best Article Submitter Software4.95autobacklinkreview2011-06-24 17:44:19Article Demon, the newest article submitter software in the market, has more complete features ever than any other similar submitters and I think it’s…

2 comments on “Article Demon Review – The Best Article Submitter Software

  1. It is true, Article Demon contains only 100 something directories BUT they are ALL high PR. One high PR submission worth 20 no-PR submissions. 100 high PR link and way better that 2700 no-PR links.

  2. Alan Trusell on said:

    Love the way article demon works !

    Great Review !

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