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Magic Submitter is one of the most popular SEO tools that is available in the market. Magic Submitter software has been designed to create all-in-one submissions, therefore you will be able to submit your content to different directories. It also makes it possible to take advantage of article directories, social bookmarking sites, video services, web 2.0 sites and RSS directories. All these services are available in a single program. If you choose to use article directories for submission, you will be able to access several sites which gives you more exposure.

Software Pros
One of the main features of the software is multiple content submission. For internet marketing to be successful, content submission is necessary to get backlink and traffic to their website. Magic submitter will submit your content to article directories, Web 2.0 site, social bookmarking sites, RSS directories, video services, microblogs, expressionEngine, status net microblogs, press release and of course, the PDF and file sharing site.

In default database, there are around 69 article directories (including the top directories) you can get, for example ezinearticles, buzzles and more. Also you can submit your content to 35 top web 2.0 sites that can be helpful (for example, WordPress). There are also around 141 sites social bookmarking sites, 15 RSS aggregators such as feedage and RSS mountains, 101 top sites for videos, ExpressionEngine has around 582 forums, 35 for blogs and 8 in PDF and file sharing sites. You can automate all the process from this website from registering your account until submitting your content.

Each time content is published in form of a blog, video, article or press release, it enhances online presence. This program has been designed to automatically submit content to more than 30 article directories. These directories have a lot of traffics and the program allows you to access it easily. This means that you have access to more prospective clients. When more people are able to view your content, you establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

The Magic Submitter 2 also has an article rewriting feature. This feature allows you to spin articles, therefore you will be able to come up with different versions of the same article. When you spin articles or write new ones, it will prevent your content from being blocked by search engines.

It is also unique compared to the other programs available in the market because it allows users to add a variety of personal sites to databases. This makes it easy to carry out automated submission to any website and any platform to get more backlinks and more traffics to your website.

There is New Link Diagram feature on magic submitter 2. Alexander Krulik has added more great features to the latest version of the Software. This new marketing campaign allows you to create pyramid diagram link for your business website based on your need. It can increase your website position in various search engines into sky rocket ranking and bring more traffic to your website.

Software  Cons

The Magic Submitter is slower compared to other SEO submission programs. It also lacks a PDF manual and this makes it a limited option, but it has much better video tutorial than SENuke.The Magic Submitter also has slower process, its because magic submitter using internet explorer to create template and run entire process in magic submitter.

Magic Submitter vs Senuke

One program that can be competed by the Magic Submitter is Senuke. Senuke is able to submit content to about 40 leading Web 2.0 sites and the top 12 articles sites. Senuke also connects users to about 32 social bookmarking sites. Magic Submitter is a great choice because it is able to add more internet marketing services compared to Senuke, and also has more website options than senuke. But in their last statement, SEnuke will increase their website database, so we can expect more websites on their list on this short time.

Senuke is better than this software in its captcha feature. Senuke already has free captcha breaker on its system, so you can reduce your captcha service cost when using third party captcha service.


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Magic Submitter Testimonial

Testimonial from Warrior Forum Member

Magic Submitter Testimonial

Testimonial from BHW Forum


Trial$4.95 (30 Days)
Price$67 / month
Guarantee60 Days money back guarantee

Magic Submitter 2 is a great choice for people that are looking for SENuke alternative with lower price. You can try its free trial of 30 days for $4.95, and then you will be charged for $67 if you want to continue.

Magic Submitter Review4.6autobacklinkreview2011-04-25 14:55:22Magic Submitter is one of the most popular SEO tools that is available in the market. Magic Submitter software has been designed to create all-in-one …

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  1. Tony Pulis on said:

    A very good review. My only complaint with Magic Submitter is that support is sometimes a little slow. That said I rarely have to contact them, so I guess it’s not much of an issue! Aside from that this is a great piece of kit. I’ve ranked loads of sites with it, and continue to do so even after google algo updates.

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