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Zennoposter is a software widely known for its useful features. In fact, it is considered a leader in its industry when it comes to provide powerful performance and features. Basically, zennoposter allows you to automatically perform all SEO tasks that would take a longer time to complete.

Software Pros

  • Cross-Platform
    You will find this software very useful even when it’s used for other social media sites. You can also use this in famous Web 2.0 and social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Blogspot and WordPress among others. Through the use of this software, you can easily and quickly create accounts and build links to your website. In fact, this software is regarded by many users as a one-stop solution when it comes to the automation of certain SEO tasks.
  • Manage Accounts Easily
    Another good feature that you will definitely like about this submitter is that it allows you to control a process easily through the use of PHP or Javascript. Not only that, you will also definitely enjoy the multi thread capabilities of the Zennoposter. Thus, you can easily use and manage as much as 100 different accounts through this software.
  • Mobility
    Another highly-acclaimed feature that hooks user to love this software is its mobility. If you want to install or use the applications, you can easily do so. There is no need for you to contact their support department just to get your license unlocked.
  • Free Trial
    Of course, another factor that you have to consider when assessing a product is the price. As for the Zennoposter, you can enjoy all the mentioned features for one month free trial. By that way, you can rate the convenience when using this software, good or bad. It is relatively easy to use, most especially when you have already familiarized yourself with this tool.
  • The Components
    Basically, there are 3 programs that come with every Zennoposter package. First is the Zennoposter program itself which essentially acts like a player, broadcaster, submitter and poster. It also runs all the time, unlike other ordinary submitters wherein you need to deliberately press the play button in order to keep it running.

    Another component is the Project Maker which consists of applications that deal with recording, interaction and data processing. Lastly, there is the CapMonster, which is essentially the captcha breaker.

There are a lot more edgy and advanced features that make the Zennoposter a top pick when it comes to software for SEO tasks. As a matter of fact, this is highly recommended by a great number of satisfied users. The only drawback about this product is the price, which is expensive enough, while there are also other SEO software that are cheaper.


Zenno Poster vs UBot

  • Learning Curve
    UBot has a simple and easy user interface (UI) to be learned and followed. While, for ZennoPoster, you need more hours to understand the UI because it comes with three different components with each own panel and icon.

    But for your notes, there is an inconvenience that you might get in UBot system. In version 3.5, UBot works with a lot of nodes. You are only able to drag the node one by one if you want to optimize it and you cannot simply copy/paste those multiple nodes. It’s probably time-consuming if you create a huge list of nodes. To solve this problem, for a while, you can use sub-node to reduce the node management significantly.

  • Manual and Documentation
    UBot has more complete manuals and documentations because it has been recognized since 2009, while ZennoPoster doesn’t. It’s because ZennoPoster has just been launched in less than a year, so you can find more tutorial in its youtube, blogs, etc.
  • Community
    UBot has wider and better community than ZennoPoster. UBot has supportive admin and mods on their forum. Even sometimes if we get stuck, they build us the bot sample. While on ZennoPoster forum, for this time of writing, the support is slower, maybe the community needs more human resources to help.
  • Price and Features
    UBot’s ‘easy to use’ system comes with more limitation compare with ZennoPoster. To get the most power features, you have to get into the UBot’s developer version which costs $495, especially when you do a lot of scrape and regex. While on ZennoPoster, even its lite version, which is cheaper and has built-in Regex Editor, can do more tasks than professional version of UBot.
  • Commerciality/Delegation Process
    Using UBot, you’re able to build .exe software. This means you can sell or delegate it to third party for automation purpose. On the other side, ZennoPoster only use template which only can run for one device per license. So, if you plan to sell, delegate, or use it for multiple devices, it can be a problem with the license.

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Zennoposter testimonial

Testimonial from Warrior Forum member

Testimonial on Warrior Forum


  • Lite version: $87
  • Standard version: $197
  • Professional version: $347

The Zennoposter is definitely a must-have SEO tool for everyone. In fact, some people even consider it as the best SEO software.

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