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SENuke was a big hit when it was introduced into the market a few years ago, and most people have been waiting for its upgrade since a long time ago. The Senuke Xcr has finally been launched and it offers better features compared to its predecessor. It comes with a simple wizard that will make it possible to set up the entire Senuke Xcr by answering some simple questions.

Software Features

One of the things that you will notice with the Senuke Xcr is that it is faster, better organized and its layout looks more impressive compared to the the old version. This upgrade was re-written using new technology, therefore everything is different. This means that it is now possible to carry out various functions that were not possible with the previous software. The layout on the software is cleaner and all the projects are visible on a single screen. The software allows you to organize the projects into campaigns.

  • Senuke Xcr New Module

    Another feature highlighted by SENuke XCR is four new modules including PDF module, Wiki module, WordPress module, and Google Places module. The PDF module is working to convert the articles into PDF file before submitting the article into various document sharing websites. This process is done in automatic manner. The Wiki module will help you to submit to various wiki websites. The users can also have the ability to add the custom list of the websites which are using the most popular wiki platforms. The WordPress module offers the ability to submit your own network of WordPress blogs from the SENuke program. For those who have local business, Google Places module offers the ability to increase your business to the top of Google local.

  • Senuke Wizard
    One of the main differences that you will notice with Senuke X 2 is the step-by-step wizard. It has several modules and each one of them has a variety of features and this can be very intimidating if you have never used this kind of program before. Most of the programs available in the market do not have simple instructions to make it easy for beginners to use them.
  • Turbo Wizard

    Many users in SENuke XCR are praising the SENuke X wizard. However, it takes a lot of time when you need to setup this features. SENuke XCR is designed with thirty second Turbo Wizard. The users will be able to enter the URL and Keywords before pressing the Go button. You just need to fill the information about your promotion and choose the strategy template from drop down list before pressing Go. The process can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

  • Macro Recorder

    The users will be able to teach the program to submit to any website on the internet by using some clicks. When you are finding the new social network website where you want to build the links from, you can add it onto your SENuke program. By using the new feature, it is possible for you to automate any website on the internet. It is better for you to know that you cannot automate all websites, but you can do this even on the website which is using the same platform. It is possible for you to add the custom website in every single module which is supported by the program. You will not experience any restriction to submit to the same websites.

  • Crowd Sourcing

    The “Cr” in SENuke XCr words is Crowd Sourcing. This is the new main feature on SENuke XCr which allows users to share and exchange various macro scipt that they make. Every member who upload the macro script in community will get 10 point which can be used for downloading other user’s macro scipts. Therefore, SENuke XCr will potentially become a giant backlink builder software and leaves its competitor to the top.

  • Indexer 2 Module
    When the developer is launching the SENuke XCR, they also launch Xindexer 2. The feature is working by removing the dead links or the links which are already indexed from the URL list. As the result, the program only processes the valid non-indexed links. You will be able to save money and time. The feature will also conduct the link checks and index checks with Google weekly. The main function of the process is gauging the ongoing system performance.
  • Scheduling Submissions
    The program has made it very easy to create and schedule different projects. The scheduling process has also been simplified. This means that you can now schedule how many sites you submit within a day.
  • Running in the Background
    There are some programs that make it impossible for you to open other programs when you are running them and this is one of the advantages that are offered by the software. It is able to run in the background as you do other things on your machine. Once you have set it up, you can simply minimize it. This will not interfere with your scheduled submissions. It is important to remember to keep your machine on when the program is running.
  • Minimal Crashes
    Not like the previous version, It has minimal crashes. The designers are working hard to prevent crashes but the advantage is that when it does, there is an auto-resume after crash option. This means that even if the program crashes, it will resume from where it stopped. This allows you to leave your machine on when you have to go out.
  • Works without web browser
    The latest update of this program can work without web browser. If you have used first version of SENuke Xcr before, you absolutely know that you have to use browser to create new accounts and submit to the websites. If you use Internet Explorer browser, it’s also slow and can cause crashes. This means your work can be slower and time consuming.
  • No more bugs and tons of new sites
    In this version, the previous problems caused by bugs have been solved. Besides, there are tons of new sites added to the software. The social bookmarking and social network sites have been added by 6 additional full-time programmers.
  • Intergartion With Captcha Sniper
    Now Senuke Xcr already has integration with popular captcha breaker software captcha sniper, captcha sniper use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which only can solve many old captcha types. Captcha sniper will save your captcha cost.
  • Central Database
    The Senuke Xcr has a central database that is used to store all your files. Other program usually have different files and this can make it difficult for you to trace them.
  • Organizing Projects
    If you currently have several projects in it, you already know how messy it gets and the Senuke X offers a great solution. The program allows you to assign certain projects to different campaigns. All you have to do is drag a project to a specific campaign. This will prevent overlapping SEO projects.
  • Auto Profiles
    You do not have to fill profile form anymore because Senuke Xcr offers generate fake profiles. The Auto profiles will save password combinations and username. It is also possible to assign a specific profile to a particular project.
  • Detailed Reports
    It comes with a built-in log that is used to keep track of all the actions carried out using the software. It will also track automatic actions to allow you to know what the program has been doing.
  • Run Simultaneous Modules
    this tool makes it possible for you to run various modules at the same time.
  • Streamlined
    It is now possible to schedule different projects by time and date. You can also set the program to begin a project as soon as a previous one is done.

Software Cons

Senuke X 2 is selling at about $167 at the moment and this is considered to be a high price considering that there are cheaper options. Those who already have Senuke will be able to save because they will pay a lower price.

SENuke X 2 vs SEO Link Robot

When compared with SEO Link Robot, Senuke X 2 offers a diverse number of features that are advanced. These include the scheduler, press release and forum profiles. The SEO Link Robot also has some unique features but one of the things that makes it very attractive is the fact that it is affordable compared to the Senuke X 2. It costs about $47 each month.

SENuke X 2 vs Magic Submitter

SENuke X 2 has more advanced features and is easier to understand than Magic Submitter. Even though both of them have link designer diagram, but SENuke-X has SENuke Wizard, which makes all process easier than Magic Submitter that needs more time to understanding the process and setting.

Besides, SEnuke X 2 is more stable and faster than Magic Submitter. And the most important feature is the SENuke’s captcha recognition feature which makes your captcha service budget lower and cheaper because up to 70% captcha can be processed by SENuke’s captcha breaker for free.

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SENuke X 2 Testimonial

Testimonial from Warrior Forum


Trial14 Days
Price$167 / month
Guarantee30 days money back guarantee
SENuke X Review4.9autobacklinkreview2011-08-27 03:25:22SENuke was a big hit when it was introduced into the market a few years ago, and most people have been waiting for its upgrade since a long time ago. …

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