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Social Backlinker Pro Plugin Review. Having an assistant in a plugin form is much desired by the WordPress bloggers, especially those who use their blog for monetizing money. Marketing technique through social networking websites is one step that is widely used by internet business owner. And so far, it is the best way for marketing something such as goods and services. But if you do it manually and don’t make the concept regularly, it’s just going to waste your time and makes other things to be neglected. To lighten the load, you need WordPress plugins that are reliable and can do the tasks ans Social Backlinker Pro will heelp you with this.

SocialBacklinker Plugin Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that posts and submits your backlinks automatically to multiple social sites. It’s one-time arrangement only and a number of marketing processes through extensive publications can be done well. The process is every time you update your post, then it is also updated to social bookmarking and social networking sites directly, saving your time and energy.

Plugin Pros

  • Automatic profile pinging.
    This feature will ping those profiles whenever they’re updated, therefore the post gets indexed faster than before, so they can start working for you in short time, as short as possible.
  • Social Backlink Pro has Spinnable Template feature.
    With this feature, you don’t have to worry about duplicate content issue. Spin your content with this additional multiple spinnable templates. It also supports for nested spinning and comprehensive template tags that make your content as unique as you need it to be.
  • Social Backlinker Pro also has cool content fuzzing feature that will add other relevant links from Google, blog search, Yahoo and Bing. Blog owners need this feature because most social bookmarking websites don’t allow you to bookmark your own website.
  • It also supports proxy to hide your IP adress when submission process. You can add unlimited number of proxies as many as you want.
  • Automatically submits your post to your blog network like,,, and your own WordPress blog network.
  • Automatically submits your post to social bookmarking and social network websites such as Posterous, Spotback, facebook, linkedin, mylinkvault, myspace, StumbleUpon, Newsvine, Delicious, Diigo,, tumblr,, and twitter. From these social networking websites, your business will be expands more and more within day by day.

Plugin Cons

Unfortunately, there is also a lack which becomes quite complicated on various occasions. This plugin does not have automatic account creation feature, so you should register all accounts manually. Quite troublesome at first, indeed. With the stage of filling the username and password, and some settings in the options, SocialBacklinker Pro will send you a link posted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you do not have to touch again to bookmark your site.


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Socialbacklinker Pro Testimonial

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