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Price auto Robot is a kind of software that helps you to create backlinks to your posts either automatically or manually. This software comes with some advanced features that give extra supports in increasing the traffic of your sites. The advanced technology used in auto Robot will surely helps you in saving more time and effort in building the backlinks for your webs.

When you are including this software to your backlink system, you will get more assistance in submitting your blog post from RSS feed to any top web 2.0 sites or social bookmark website automatically. It works by using autopilot system; means that you do not need to hit any button to dominate those sites. It really saves time compared with doing the whole process yourself. With the presence of this software building massive, strong backlinks could be really fast and easy.

Software Pros

The autopilot system also makes the process of link building easy to operate. You just need to do is to put all of the inner URLs in the software pulls. Afterward, just input the URLs into the software and with a single click, auto Robot works well in blasting each of the URLs to the saved sites.

It helps you to create profile as many as you need, automatic or semi automaticly. These profiles will be used to post the content into the webs. The capability in creating accounts in numerous unlimited bookmark sites also could be your consideration. Auto Robot will help you to creat account automaticly on Pligg, PHPDug,wordpress twitter, and you can also creating account to couple website with semi automatic mode, don’t forget auto Robot is also supporting Captcha to help you create account automatcly, this also makes auto robot become considerable.

Besides, this software is also capable of harvesting websites automatically. It takes your latest URL post as well as the optimized summary, and Moreover, this software is capable of sharing you URL list or RSS on various different platforms, including,,, Pligg Platform,, and PhpDug Platform. Again, all of them are in autopilot system.

It also offers the feature of unwanted URLs removal. Besides, you can also schedule the feature of your posts. And you can easily set those settings up easily. To ensure unique content and to get high page rank backlinks, you need to enter spun content and this software will submit it to the Web 2.0 sites or accounts.

One of the good things in using this software is that the entire steps of the process are well scheduled. You can choose the schedule among some available selections of 1 minute, 5, minutes, or 1 hour. If you want to have schedule with longer duration, you could also consider 8 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours selection. These selections of scheduling allow you to make the link building looks more natural. Besides, it also helps you to drip feed the URLs well into the system.

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Up to this point, this handy software is considered special due to the great performances packed in such low price. It means, without spending too much money, you could have very tremendous software that brings page rank improvement as the main advantage. So you are serious in seizing the first page on search engine page result, auto Robot should be added in your system. Auto Robot Review4.85autobacklinkreview2012-01-16 auto Robot is a kind of software that helps you to create backlinks to your posts either automatically or manually. This software comes with s…

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