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Forum Bot is useful software that helps you to create backlinks automatically to any profile info you make in profile forum. This software brings great performance through its various useful features and technology. The system of one time payment with lifetime update should also be your consideration. By including this software into you system, you can create huge numbers of backlinks while saving more time, effort, and definitely money.

It helps you to import lists of forum URLs you might need to create profile. Besides, it has its own default forum list on the software. This software also helps you to register with those sites automatically and update the profile. Afterward, this software will post the profile information, which you could previously pre-spin with things like The Best Spinner or else.

With the help of the excellent features, It could generate huge numbers of backlinks, and this software also helps you to bring targeted traffic to your web. You can take a look closer to some of the features as your consideration.

Software Pros

Among all listed features of this software, the auto captcha solving capability might be the best feature. It helps you to break or solve any kind of captcha, allow you to save more time. You even do not need to pay for captcha solving services to do this, means that this feature also helps you to save more money. Just set your Forum Bot up and it will continue running by itself.

Besides, this software also comes with Multi Threading feature, that works in ten times faster performance. Surely, with this feature you can work in higher time efficiency. Forum Bot is also quite easy to operate with its one click registration system. You can feel the same easy operation for the email confirmation as well as the message posting proxy support.

To add extra support for the users, The thousands of forums with high success rate are pre-loaded in Forum Bot for your convenience. An interesting thing about this software is that it could handle lists of URLs with different forum types. With this capability, you do not need to previously sort the list since this software will automatically do it for you. You just have to submit your URL list in and Forum Bot will automatically detect on which platform type the forum is.

There will be a long list of platforms supported by this software. Those platforms are including Mybb, XMB (XMBoard), Wowbb, Punbb, and FluxBB. Besides, Forum Bot also works well with Simple Machine Forum (SMF), Mercury Board, ASP-Dev, Burning Board, MegaBBS ASP Forum, and many more. Forum URLs these various different platforms could be listed directly without any need to sort them.

Discount Price


This Software price is selling $77 on their sales page, but for a limited time you can get discounted price $20 from the original price (see the sales page link ), or you only pay $47 to get forum bot, visit this link to get discount : Forum Bot $20 off

Review Conclusion

As a conclusion, with its excellent features as well as easy setup and operation, this software is really recommended to be included in your system. This software gives you multiple benefits in getting thousands of backlinks in less time, effort and money. Therefore, providing Forum Bot in your system is really recommended if you are about to get higher traffic or page rank.

Forum Bot Review4.85autobacklinkreview2012-01-16 09:25:34Forum Bot is useful software that helps you to create backlinks automatically to any profile info you make in profile forum. This software brings grea…

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