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Proxy Goblin is what you need to support marketing techniques for your websites. This proxy finder software delivers extra support in running different types of mass advertising technique through your internet connection. This software also maximizes the results of any techniques used in marketing your site with its various beneficial features.

Basically, Proxy Goblin offers several different supports in assisting your site marketing techniques. With this software, you could do proxy gathering and then scrub and filter them before being used in various kinds of automatic software submitter. Besides, this software is also set to pause in ten minutes and repeat the steps so the process seems more natural.

Software Pros

You should notice that this software is not a kind of paid proxy service. Many users of Proxy Goblin call this software proxy scraper, but it works more than merely gives tested, fresh proxies to the user on daily basis. Instead, this software also assists the users to get their proxies in order and run their campaign from the inside of the client. These capabilities surely could be a great support for your marketing techniques, especially for users who include any type of auto posters, social commenters, or blog commenters for the site campaign.

Besides, Proxy Goblin still offers several other advantages, such as Sick Automation mode and Mix & Match tasks. With the offered Mix & Match tasks in this software, several different tasks could be easily performed. Those tasks are including python commands execution, sending email through proxy, as well as MS-DOS batch command execution.

Proxy Goblin also allows you to save the proxies to any disk. With this certain feature, you could save the filtered proxies to a simple text file or to CSV. You can use placeholders such as %date% for the filenames. The option of overwrite is also available in case the file already exists. You could have the same easiness and capability in saving proxies to the remote FTP location. It works great especially for users who have cron which reads text files on their server. Therefore, you can constantly and easily have fresh proxies.

Other features offered by this software also may cheers you up. Proxy Goblin helps you to modify the whole things from judge URLs, timeout, max connection and so on. Additional URL sources are also able to be added easily. Actually, you will find some built-in sources in this software. However, if those sources are not satisfying enough for you, choosing the capability of only scraping URLs is also possible.

Proxy Goblin is also completed with the capability of blacklisting hostnames and IP addresses by using the wildcards. It gives extra support for you to sort the URLs in extra easiness. To get more control, the advanced users could also use the feature of PCRE flavored regex.

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In general, this software is really assisting for people who want to have maximum result for their marketing techniques. The risk of IP banning could be reduced significantly due to the constant fresh proxies. As user-friendly software with various supports and advantages, Proxy Goblin does its job in a great way.

Proxy Goblin : The Best Proxy Software With Special Discount4.9autobacklinkreview2012-01-19 07:54:12Proxy Goblin is what you need to support marketing techniques for your websites. This proxy finder software delivers extra support in running differen…

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