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Blog Comment Ninja is new automatic blog commenter software in the market . This program is quiet different with Scrape Box. Blog Comment Ninja has the function to generate the blog relevant comments on its own. When your blog is related to personal development, the program will post comments which have relation with the topic. Because it will only post relevant comments, the chance of getting the stick is bigger. Your blog will not get any preloaded general comments.

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Even though the users load a custom blog list of diverse blogs, Blog Comment Ninja will still go to comment on each of blog topic. Another ability of the program is spinning the fetched comments on the fly and post. It utilizes the best spinner API. When installing this program, you can fetch out the postable blogs of your competitior website. Posting them on auto pilot is also possible.

There are some ways you can do to get more topic comments. For the people who are using icomment feature, you should use broader niche to scrape and post. As an example when your keyword is ‘cultivate personal style’, you can use broader keyword ‘personal development’ to use to scrape the blogs and post. Broader niche group is wiser than exacr micro niche KW of your website. By doing this, you can use icomment feature effectively. If you want to use specific micro niche keyword, then you should use the profile comment feature. Another alternative is using your customer comment and keeping it in spun format.

Blog Comment Ninja offers unique features including replies, competition crusher, posting to your own blog, and much more. When you are purchasing this program, you will get some bonuses. It is including WP Optimizer which is very useful to save time while setting up blog with plugins. Some expensive tools are not easy and fast to use. They also do not have the feature to upload the plugins which are already configured. Another bonus from Blog Comment Ninja is Auto Backlink Forum Profiles.

Many users stated in Blog Comment Ninja reviews that they are satisfied with this program. The software helps them to get 95% relevant comments which are accurate. It also helps to find blogs, comments, pings, and more. You can check out the competitor links. If you have any question related to the license or support, you can send your email towards the admin. The procedure is quiet the same with when you are asking about license details. You also need to insert the paypal transaction ID, name, and paypal email used to purchase.

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Blog Comment Ninja Testimonial on Warrior Forum

Blog Comment Ninja Testimonial


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Blog Comment Ninja Review4.75autobacklinkreview2012-01-24 18:32:19Blog Comment Ninja is new automatic blog commenter software in the market . This program is quiet different with Scrape Box. Blog Comment Ninja has th…

4 comments on “Blog Comment Ninja Review

  1. I purchased Blog Commenitng Ninja. To me this is the best blog commenting software out there. Thank you for creating such unique software. This is one of the best investments I made online. Thank you so much…..more power to you guys.

  2. Terrell Mcneal on said:

    Im interested in purchasing blog comment ninja but im wondering about the spinner they are talking about in the sales page. Now if i do buy the spinner which one is the best to use? Also, does this product support any spinner or just the ones they offer?

    Thanks for your time and hope to hear from u soon……

    • Auto Submitters on said:

      Hello the blog comment ninja support jet spinner syntax, but you must have the best spinner to spin your comment, blog comment ninja didn’t spin the comment but use the best spinner api to spin comment. The best spinner is one of the best spinner software in the market right now, so you don’t have to worry about the spinner software that supported in blog comment ninja.


  3. Stefano on said:

    Blog Commenting Ninja supports all the major spinning platforms. SpinChimp, SpinChief and also TBS. I used TBS and now using SpinChimp. SpinChimp has extended a special discount for BCN users and personally I think SpinChimp is far better than TBS. Even SpinChief has a free version and a special price for Ninja buyers.

    Hope this helps.

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