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Submitting your article and your website to article and web directory website is one of the way to increase backlinks for your site or blog. You can submit your article or web directory manually or using automatic submitter software like SubmitEaze, and this software will help you to get one way backlink that will increase your position on search engine like Google.


It is a directory submission software package that combines both automatic article submitter and automatic website submitter in one tool and easy to use SEO software. Using this program will result more traffic, more sales, and more importantly is that it may increase the conversion rate of your site’s sales and give you more money from your online business. Having a huge list of feature and functionality is not really its important. What the most important is the ability to create thousands of backlinks with one button click only.


  • Article and Website Directory Submitter
    SubmitEaze is not only Article Directory but also Website Directory. Those are the significant differences when you compare various automatic article submitters and automatic website directory submitter tools. Many automatic article submitters and automatic website directory submitters said that they will allow you to submit your articles to thousands of different directories.
  • Up-to-date Article Directory and Website Directory List
    This tool provides a working list of about 5000 different article and website directories. When a directory is no longer works, they will delete it. The case will be the same when a new directory is found, it is automatically will be added to the list. From all of the article and directory submission tools I have been using until now, SubmitEaze is by far the best one that provide fresh directory list. Even they only give you 1000 article directory list, but the sucess rate is better than another article submitter, and this is mainly due to the fact that SubmitEaze provides such a huge and up-to-date list of working article directories (and every 7 days you will get new fresh list to your database). Beside it, you can also add your own directory list to SubmitEaze database.
  • Other SubmitEaze Feature
    It also has feature that most of other automatic article submitters have like spintax support, providing automatic CAPTCHA completion, automatic email link confirmation processing, fully automatic submission and so on. This software only needs one time fee when you buy it and no extra fee will be charged while you are submitting your website and articles.

SubmitEaze VS Article Marketing Robot

This is a great program particularly as automatic article submitter and automatic website directory submitter. Maybe we get more directory lists in Article Marketing Robot, but we only get 500 – 600 success rate, except if you get your own list. But on SubmitEaze, even you get only 1000 article directory list, you still get better success rate, and they also update their list every 7 days, so you didn’t have to worry about outdated list on your database.

Article Marketing Robot has built-in spinner, so if you don’t have any spinner program like The Best Spinner or other similar tools, you don’t have to worry. While SubmitEaze only support jet spinner syntax format. So you must spin it manually or you can use other spinner programs and then paste it on the form. But there is one thing that you have to remember, with SubmitEaze, you get both article directory and website directory feature, while Article Marketing Robot is only an article directory submitter program.

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Submiteaze Testimonial

Testimonial from Warrior Forum Member

Testimonial on Warrior Forum

Support and Guarantee

The software developer promised that the buyer of this automatic article submitter and automatic website directory submitter will receive free life time updates for the software they bought. You will get free directory listings life time updates, and the directory list also updates every 7 days or less. And the best part is no additional fee will be charged for these additional features. Free customer support is available for you in 24 hours on weekdays and weekends.

Discount Price

Guarantee30 days money back guarantee

Review Conclusion

SubmitEaze is one of the best and the oldest automatic submitter on the market. Even though it is not new, many people still don’t know much about it. I don’t know why, but if you’re still not sure about this software, you can download the trial version and try it for yourself. And if you’re already sure that this is the right submission software for you, you can buy it with 30 days money back guarantee. What a great deal, isn’t it?

SubmitEaze4.85autobacklinkreview2012-02-24 13:17:54Submitting your article and your website to article and web directory website is one of the way to increase backlinks for your site or blog. You can s…

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