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Wiki Killer Review: Wiki Backlink is the most powerful authority backlinks which are highly searched by a lot of webmasters around the world. Wiki Sites are loved by search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo because they have good function for providing user generated information. And if you want to look at one of the favorite wiki backlink tools, you will find Wiki Killer will help you to get backlinks from wiki site.


Wiki Killer is a wiki backlink submitter tool that can help you to build quality backlinks from authority sites that are provided by Wiki websites included in this software.

Only takes a few seconds before you can start making backlinks with Wiki Killer. Just type in your keywords, check the spin article box, and click on generate content. Select your URL List, paste in your URL/anchor texts and then click run. It’s then backlinking on auto-pilot in the background. So simple and easy steps.


  • Built in Article Scrapper and Spinner
    It can make automatic content with just a single Click Button. You don’t need to waste your time and money to generate and write content manually. You even don’t need to buy other third party spinner software because Wiki Killer software lets you to generate and spin your content automatically. But you still also may use your own content and spin it using your own third party spinner software such as The Best Spinner or Spinner Chief.
  • Multi Thread Support
    Increase your submission process with multi threading. This Software suport this feature and it will make submission process more smoothly and fast.
  • Add Custom List
    The program already have 500+ wiki website list on their database, but if you have your own list, you can add it easily, so you don’t have to worry about out-date list on your database.
  • Other Features
    1. Supports public and private proxy
    2. Provides comprehensive reporting system
    3. Supports captcha breaker with captcha breaking service
    4. Makes the random and different username for every account
    5. Easy to manage and has a Friendly user interface

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Wiki Killer Testimonial

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Price & Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Wiki Killer has 30 days money back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry if this tool is not good for you, you just contact the creator and they will send your money back.


Overall, using Wiki Killer, you can get a super simple way to get backlinks on Wiki sites. You don’t even need a user manual because this software is straight forward and easy to use.

Wiki Killer4.65autobacklinkreview2012-02-28 09:21:22Wiki Killer Review: Wiki Backlink is the most powerful authority backlinks which are highly searched by a lot of webmasters around the world. Wiki Sit…

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