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Building a lot of backlinks on Blog Network is one of the most favorite methods for internet marketers because they believe that Google loves backlink from this kind of websites. One of the newest private blog network services that gives powerful effect is SEO Link Monster created by Callen Brothers – Brad Callen and Matt Callen. We all already know their track records in blog network service through their products like SEO Link Vine, SEO Link Elite and My Article Network, and now they release this service which also has powerful features.


What makes SEO Link Monster different from other blog network services of Callen Brothers? It is because SEO Link Monster is managed by Callen Brothers themselves with their own private blog networks in good quality, different from SEO Link Vine or My Article Network which use third party blog networks.


Private Blog Network
With their own private blog networks, the quality of service is more guaranteed. SEO Link Monster ensures its blog quality through the old domain age, link diversity with different c-class and good page rank of blog networks they own.

Almost 100% Submitted Articles are Accepted
Different from SEO Link Vine and other blog network services that use third party network, Matt Callen guarantees that each article submitted will be accepted. So you don’t need to worry your article won’t be submitted.


There is no article moderation
Beside it is an advantage, no article moderation feature also becomes disadvantage. This will bring negative impact when one of this service members submit the garbage article to the network, and it will also bring impact to all networks. This is evidenced by many users of this program report that most of their backlinks get indexed on Google, but then they are not indexed again.

Terrible Support
There are a lot of complains about the support ticket because their ticket didn’t get any response after several days. Although one of the support team members told that they have 4 people to answer thousand tickets, but they should be better, moreover this service has expensive enough price than other blog network services.


  • $47 for first 30 days
  • $147 monthly


After doing some researches and see the honest review of SEO Link Monster, I don’t recommend yet this service for you. This is still new and doesn’t have a lot of successes, but I hope the owner can improve the quality better and add moderation feature for the article submitted.

SEO Link Monster3.95autobacklinkreview2012-03-05 02:55:13Building a lot of backlinks on Blog Network is one of the most favorite methods for internet marketers because they believe that Google loves backlink…

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