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LinkAloha 2 is the upgraded version of first version, which got many critics from internet marketers. Koen, the developer of this service, has developed major changes of version 1 concept. If the first time it only relied on forum profile link, now the major update is better with wider scope of backlink resources. It also limits the client spot to 250 spots only, makes this backlink service becomes one of the best building services in the market today.

LinkAloha 2 Overview

As I wrote above, this service has similar function with SENuke but with easier and faster system. Different from version 1, on this LinkAloha 2, you can build backlink from several resources such as Web 2.0, Social Media website, private blog network, article directory and forum website.


Easy Setup New Campaign
Different from SENuke which needs to add profile, do spinning, design the link diagram, and so on, the process on LinkAloha 2 is easier. You only need to fill the campaign name, choose category and campaign type, set how many links you want to publish per day and option for which link you want to build – your main site for making money or other campaigns.

You don’t need to create email, verify link, fill captcha (even you don’t have to spend money for captcha service), create your own article and many other tasks, this service makes all process easier and faster. You just wait for the result, that’s all.

Link Diversity
Google loves backlink from various different resources and this program supports it. All links that are built by LinkAloha come from Web 2.0, social media, private blog network, article directory and forum profile. This method is to make sure that Google will love your backlink and makes your website better on Google.

Drip Link Building
Like other common SEO tools and services, you can set how many links you will build everyday on this service, whether it is 1, 10, 20 or hundred links you like. Drip Link Building feature makes your backlinks grow naturally and prevent them getting red alert from Google that can cause your website getting banned from search engine.

Rapid Indexing
In order your backlinks get indexed fast on search engine, LinkAloha 2 provides rapid indexing feature that will help the indexing process of your backlink through RSS feed and it also will ping your backlink.


Beside various advantages, it also has a weakness. This backlink service only accepts 250 members and the offer is opened in certain times. So if you want to get notification about the offer, you should register to the mailing list or newsletter to get information when the new member spot will be opened. If you are lucky and fast enough, you can get the spot to order it because It’s offer was usually closed within one or two hours only. So make sure you are ready to get the new spot before it is closed.



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LinkAloha Review and Testimonial

Testimonial from BHT Forum

LinkAloha 2 Review and Testimonial

Testimonial on Warrior Forum

New Registration Spot

This service will open the new member register for 250 member spots only You can signup as waiting list to get notification about LinkAloha 2 opening information through this link. Don’t forget about the opening time because it’s usually sold out within one or two hours. So grab your spot fast!

Review Conclusion

When it is the first time of this service launched, we will find many complaints about its performance. But now in LinkAloha 2, I almost cannot find any complaint. This means that LinkAloha 2 is really good and has beaten the Google Panda and pinguin , so you can easily dominate Google’s search result page. If you want to fight Google Panda, you should grab LinkAloha 2 faster before it’s too late.

LinkAloha 2 Review5autobacklinkreview2012-03-14 12:28:50LinkAloha 2 is the upgraded version of first version, which got many critics from internet marketers. Koen, the developer of this service, has develop…

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