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Backlink Dream Machine Review: No need to explain in detail the importance of SEO, because if you have website and want it to be popular, you should apply the rules of SEO. As you can appreciate the name of the application, Backlink Dream Machine will help you easily make high quality and authoritarian backlinks. The Backlink Dream Machine software finds blogs for you which you can post about. You can easily filter according to be able to PR, Do Follow or alternatively no Follow etc. Also you can select which type of backlink you want such as Edu Blogs / Gov Blogs / Blogs associated to be able to the niche / Blogs according with PR.

What is the importance of govermental and educational website’s backlinks? These domains are reserved for only educational institutions and Governments. This, not every school or municipal party such domains, but only real global has players like a world-famous University or the Government of the United States. The fact that these domains are awarded only at the most important institutions of the world, Google ensures that also according to authority granted to them. And the whole thing regardless of the content .gov and .edu pages enjoy a high reputation in the eyes of Google, and if one of these pages on your site are linked, this view is propagated.


Finding and posting Edu and gov backlinks takes considerable time. Backlink Dream Machine automates your backlink building with few clicks. Also you don’t need to worry about article spinning, Backlink Dream Machine has easy use spinner mode and manually posting mode for you. You will save huge amount of bucks and time with this applications. Lastly it currently has captcha breaker services to solve captas with Death By Decaptcher as they are specific of the more widely used services.

Software Pros

  • Installation of Backlink Dream Machine is too easy and great interface.
  • Generates email and name for posting in one click. In addition, if you already have the name list, you may import a set of names in text file.
  • Search and find .Edu and .Gov Blog post that you can use for post comment and build backlink.
  • Find blog that is relevant to your niche or keyword in one click
  • Allow you to set full automatic mode or semi automatic to post your blog comment
  • Multi Thread feature makes your backlink process more faster and easier
  • Built-in comment spinner, you don’t have to worry leaving footprint on your comment post.
  • Backlink Dream Machine supports private proxies and free proxy


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Backlink Dream Machine Review and Testimonial

Price & Guarantee

Price$77 $14.45
Guarantee30 days

Review Conclusion

Backlink Dream Machine will be offered at $77 price, but for a limited time, this software is sold on Warrior Forum at only $14.99. But the price is going up on every sale, so get this as fast as you can because you will regret if this Backlink Dream Machine software is already raised to $77 price.

Backlink Dream Machine4.8autobacklinkreview2012-03-20 03:49:58Backlink Dream Machine Review: No need to explain in detail the importance of SEO, because if you have website and want it to be popular, you should …

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