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Wiki style website is very special in Google view. This can be proved through its fast indexing process in Google search engine and its high PR. This kind of website is also used by many .gov and .edu websites. It makes Wiki website has a good quality of backlink and becomes the most favorite backlink building place for webmasters to build their websites.

But for several people, building one by one backlink manually on Wiki based website is very frustrating. So now, they try to find out a software that can help them build backlink on Wiki website. One of them is Wiki Nuke, which has several nice and unique features.

If you ever heard about Keyword Winner WordPress plugin, which is so popular in the market, then you probably know about Daniel Lew, one of the most famous internet marketers and SEO experts. His capability is undoubted and he is one of the creator team members of this program.

This is a newest software that helps you to build backlink on Wiki website. You even don’t need to waste your valuable time, this software will do all process quickly and efficiently.

Wiki Nuke Features

Support Jet Spinner Syntax
It will ensure every backlink that you build valuable in Google eyes because its uniqueness is assured, so that it does not leave footprint and becomes fresh on Google eyes.

Add Your Own List
No need to worry about the expired list because you will get the newest list of Wiki website links and add them to this software. Even this software already provide huge wiki list in this program with over 1000 wiki list.

Captcha Breaker Support
It’s also supports captcha breaking service from Death by Captcha, no need to worry about submitting captcha manually again.

User Generator
This software also already has a username generator, so you can provide different user name for each submission.

Content Curator

It also provide wiki curator feature, you can use the most updated content from many source like video, last news, etc, and you can add this content to your blog or website, but you must buy Wiki Nuke with wiki curator to get this feature.

Software Video

Software Price

PriceDimsale start at $17
Guarantee30 days money back guarantee

Review Conclusion

Although Wiki Nuke is still new, but many internet marketers predict that it will become the best Wiki backlink tool in the market. Further more if we know who the creator team is. Grab this incredible software discount now before it’s too late. Click this link to get Wiki Nuke discounted price

Wiki Nuke4.85autobacklinkreview2012-04-05 14:00:44Wiki style website is very special in Google view. This can be proved through its fast indexing process in Google search engine and its high PR. This …

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