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You must be wondering what the SubmitYourArticle is. It is an article submitting tool which is a much effective one. The concept used for this product is very much same with others, but there are few unique features of SubmitYourArticle, making it pretty powerful and different from others. This article submission service allows you to submit good, original quality articles, to many websites and ezine publishers quickly. This all helps in targeting traffic from article directory to your websites.

This service makes you tension and headache free. Just relax and experience the quality features provided by the product. This is an automated service where you don’t have to figure out where and how to submit the articles. Everything will be done by SubmitYourArticle itself.

Now you must be thinking what is the benefit of using such a product? The answer is simple enough, your articles will get published on so many article directory websites, even better on large variety of C Class IP. This will provide great backlinks to your website which is much similar what you are doing in SEO.

SubmitYourArticle Features

  • Provides the list of large variety of websites
  • Better to have access to the list of websites where you can submit your articles and check whether these sites have active visitors or not.
  • Possibility of providing spin articles where you can submit articles with different tittles.
  • Article Leverage: here you will get the possibility to re-write your own articles and which in turn can be used to have variations of one article. When you submit more articles, more backlink you will get.
  • Article Scheduling and trickle: this is the best feature of this service where you can schedule the distribution of your articles, so that you can submit when you need to submit the articles.
  • Editorial control: if any misspellings or grammatical errors are there in your article, this service will allow you to correct them. This feature is best among others because every time you submit article, you will get better kind of articles. So the probability of getting accepted is much more.
  • Interface: good, easy and fast are the three words I will like to mention for its interface. Once you submit the article, it goes into the queue and shows the status distribution as pending. Once the article is submitted, the status changes.
  • Advanced Article leverages: this feature is only for Gold members where you can spin the article with spinning syntax and just copy and paste them in the form.
  • Naked Article: this feature is also for gold members which enables links in the body of the article.


  • Silver: $47/month
  • Gold: $67/month
Trial$1 per 7 days
Guarantee60 days money back guarantee

SubmitYourArticle Review Conclusion

End of all, I will again like to mention that it has brilliant and interesting features along with a great customer service. This is very reliable and professional that it does actually the same things what it claims to. There are many websites and directories which would not accept direct articles, but SubmitYourArticle is a trusted by every website, so the chance of selecting is tripled.

SubmitYourArticle4.8autobacklinkreview2012-04-29 04:33:38You must be wondering what the SubmitYourArticle is. It is an article submitting tool which is a much effective one. The concept used for this product…

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    Sounds too easy. Considering giving it a try…

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