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Building backlink with set and forget backlink software might be the most searched term by the internet marketers. If you know No Hand SEO or Scrapperjet before, which is known as set and forget backlink tool, then you need to see GSA Search Engine Ranker which has higher ability among the other similar tools.

If you ever heard about GSA Auto Website Submitter, then you do not need to doubt the ability of both software’s developer. GSA Auto Website Submitter is the best directory submitter software today, and so is the GSA Search Engine Ranker as the best set and forget automatic backlink tool. If it is compared to Scrapejet and No Hand SEO that use blog comment for backlink searching and only provide several blog platforms, then GSA Search Engine Ranker is the only similar software that provides more than 100 platforms, and you can even add other platforms you want.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Features

Set And Forget Backlink Tools
You just add 3 entry forms needed, this tool will build backlink to your site for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, based on your setting. It will build backlink through blog comment, guestbook, image platform, website directory, referrer link, trackback, social bookmarking website, and so on with more than 100 platforms and it is still growing.

Fast Indexer
It will verify whether the backlink built has already lived or not, then automatically notify search engine with fast indexer to get your backlinks indexed on search engine. You no longer need to spend much time or worry that your backlink wil not get indexed by Google because this software will do the process for you automatically.

Spinner Chief Support
This tool uses Spinner Chief that you can get for free to spin your backlink content, no need to worry about duplicate content issue anymore.

Captcha Support
It supports captcha breaker service like DeathByCaptcha and others, included Captcha Sniper.

Software Information

TrialFree for 1 month

This is the software you need to build backlink fast and easily. At this time, it is available at $99 one time payment with free update for lifetime usage. You only need to own this program, then the other GSA softwares do not too necessary since they are expensive enough. Besides, GSA Search Engine Ranker provides the trial version for you if you want to try it first before buying, click here to download the trial version.

GSA Search Engine Ranker5autobacklinkreview2012-05-02 03:18:22Building backlink with set and forget backlink software might be the most searched term by the internet marketers. If you know No Hand SEO or Scrapper…

2 comments on “GSA Search Engine Ranker

  1. Sergey on said:

    I’ve tried it, leaved working every night about week. What can I say… The tool works, BUT!
    You spend a lot of bucks every day on decapcher services, and get just several backlinks every day. So think twice – do you want to spend hundreds of bucks and get hundreds of backlinks from 0-1 PR sites?
    By the way, I’ve got warning from my Internet provider that I am spamming websites. And this is after I have set the proxies in this software. So it simply ignore proxies?!

    • Evyta Ar on said:

      You can use captcha sniper to cutt off your captcha breaker service cost, about proxy problem you can ask support on ther website, they have great support team and will help you to fix your problem


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