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Twitter is the most interesting place to build traffic for your site. With its growth about 1 billion new account per month, makes this social media site becomes the most popular among the internet marketers to get traffic. Twitter is considered as the biggest traffic resource which can send potential visitor for various websites. If you do not have much time to do Twitter marketing, you might need a software to help doing it, like TweeterNaire, one of the proper tools that can help your marketing through Twitter. If you missed TweetAttack software, then TweeterNaire is one of the best alternatives in the market.

TweeterNaire Features

Branding Your Tweet
This is a favorite feature on TweeterNaire. By using Twitter API, you can build your brand on every tweet you post. You also can use it for branding your blog or service, or offer it to your clients. No need to worry about the Twitter API limitation, you can use multiple Twitter API using it.

Send Automatic Replies to New Followers
When you open Twitter account with this program, the software will check if there are new followers who follow you, and send them direct message randomly from your list. You even can save the different messages for every Twitter account you have.

Borrow Tweets
Finding the relevant tweet from other Twitter accounts and use it on your own Twitter account is one of the most interesting features from this software. You can also edit the tweet and even replace the link.

Using API and Browser
It does not only use Twitter API for your marketing, but also uses browser based task for you who do not want to be limited by Twitter API and want to make your Twitter marketing more natural.

Build Thousand Followers
This is one of the must features that must be owned by Twitter marketing software. You can find people who are relevant with keyword you want and follow them.

RSS 2 Tweets Feature
This feature allows you to add your blog’s RSS feed and specifies whether it will use description or title as tweet content, and automatically will tweet every post on your blog.

Advance Inteligence to Determine Real People
You do not have to worry if this software follow the spam contents that only will waste your time because TweeterNaire has advanced feature that filters every followed account and only follows the Twitter accounts with avatar image. Even this software will also not tweet the link on their tweets. With this feature, you will be guaranteed following the real people.

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TweeterNaire Review and Testimonial

Software Information

Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee


For those who do not have a chance to get TweetAttack software and have limited budget for other Twitter marketing software like TweetAdder, then this is suitable for you. It is available now at $67 normal price, but for a limited time, you can get it at $35 promotional price. Please remember that this chance is only limited, so you have to grab this TweeterNaire before the special discount closed.

TweeterNaire4.9autobacklinkreview2012-05-02 13:36:39Twitter is the most interesting place to build traffic for your site. With its growth about 1 billion new account per month, makes this social media s…

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