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In 2011, Yahoo Finance recorded a rise in coupon usage for US consumers, about $800 million from the previous year, or for a total of $4,6 billion, and this is still growing and increasing. This fact showed that the coupon user market is very potential, and the internet marketers must know the data on 2010 which was recorded that from 332 billion distributed coupon, about 37% is digital offer. Just imagine this big potential market that you can optimize for making money.

Have you ever known that some big websites like Amazon and Wallmart use coupon website as their advertising place to offer their coupon discount? If no, then you should know this fact. Even the most famous online shops also use coupon website to promote their products. There are several famous coupon website in the market that are potential for you to advertise your product, such as,,, etc.

Through this kind of website, you do not only offer your own product discount, but also affiliate product that you join. The problem then, it is very tired to post coupon one by one manually to various coupon websites, and it must need much time, especially if you have a lot of coupon code for submission. That’s why, a Mass Coupon Submitter is needed. It can help you submit coupon to various coupon websites on internet.

Mass Coupon Submitter might be the only one software that helps you to do coupon marketing. It will submit coupon to 75 coupon websites and it is still growing automatically and fast.

Mass Coupon Submitter Features

Multi Thread Feature
With multi threading feature, your coupon code will be submitted faster without forgetting the accuracy and success rate.

Captcha Breaker Support
Integration with auto captcha breaker service like DeathByCaptcha, Decaptcher, Bypass Captcha and Captcha Sniper. You can also input captcha manually.

Proxy Support
Supports built-in proxy harvester, and it also supports public or private proxies.

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Software Information

Guarantee30 day money back guarantee


Mass Coupon Submitter will help you get dozens customers from various coupon websites. This software is available at $39 price, and you do not have to worry if it does not work because it has 30 day money back guarantee. So you should grab this Mass Coupon Submitter before the price increase.

Mass Coupon Submitter4.8autobacklinkreview2012-05-04 04:48:45In 2011, Yahoo Finance recorded a rise in coupon usage for US consumers, about $800 million from the previous year, or for a total of $4,6 billion, an…

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