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GSA Auto Website Directory Submitter is what you need for efficient submission in many websites. As explained by the name, this software works really great to help people save more time for submission to various sites and directories. Completed with various useful features and technology, this software offers extra assistance to save your effort and time.

GSA Auto Website Directory Submitter assists you to submit as many sites as you want up to 10,000 directories. Just set up a site into the database of the software, and this handy tool will facilitate the response tracking from the web directories. Many people have considered this software as one of the best in its class, but it will be better for you to check some advantages and weaknesses first.

GSA Website Submitter has more than 10000 list webdirectories and still growing, and also a lot of top webdirectories including dmoz in their list. Absolutely GSA Auto Website submitter is the best automatic website submitter in the market.

GSA knows thousands of directories and search engines that allows you to submit. It knows all their rules and forms, and timely updates that knowledge. So, all you would need to do by hand is to create a project for each of your websites and fill in the standard data once (like Title, and Link, and Category, and Description).

Software Pros

  • List of Built-in Directories
    GSA Auto Website Directory Submitter has a list of numerous directories, which will be updated regularly every week. The sites commonly used are more or less 10000 directories long and each of the decent directories that allow free links is going to be listed. About 2000 directories from those listed ones do not use captcha, so you can submit to those directories just in approximately 5 minutes.
  • The Feature of Spin Syntax for Descriptions and Titles
    This certain software has the spin syntax support that helps you to rotate the descriptions and also titles automatically. It helps you to reduce the risk of duplicate content or spam issues due to the submitting content with an alike title in short minutes to many directories.
  • Capable of Handling Multi-threaded Directory Submission
    This software comes with capability to run many threads of directory submission. In up to 100 synchronized threads, GSA Auto Website Directory Submitter could handle submissions in 2000 directories only for about five minutes.
  • No Loaded HTML Browser
    This software could totally run automatically and the good thing is GSA Auto Website Directory Submitter does not show any kinds of built-in browser. You will just see a display interface delivering reports of its performance. However, you can display the browser based on your needs. You will only need the interaction when you need to enter captchas. If you do not want such a connection happen, you can use the support of built in DeCaptcher.

Software Features

  • Supports captcha, even GSA auto website submitter will try to recognize the image code for you and try to submit them automatically
  • Supports specific category that included in each website directory.
  • Supports multiple title and description, GSA website submitter will rotate title and description in automatic submission process
  • Supports Proxy
  • Auto generate reciprocal link
  • Detailed Report after submission process finish
  • Manual submission option. Manual submissions are performed using your Internet Explorer. You can browse the website just as in your normal web browser. But the difference is that all the fields will be filled automatically for you. Normally you just have to press “Submit” on the page.
  • Update the software on a regular basis (several updates a month). Anyway the software is intelligent enough to recognize changes in providers submission form and react on it by itself.


  • One Month (39€ / $52)
  • One Year (125€ / $169)
  • Life-Time (299€ / $399)
  • Submission Service (399€ / $549)

As we can see with all features, GSA is still the best automatic website submitter in the market. The only thing with GSA is their price perhaps too expensive about $52/Month, $169/year, or you can have this great software with one price for life time update for $399. If you have enough money to buy this software, I highly recommended GSA auto website submitter for you.

GSA Auto Website Submitter4.65autobacklinkreview2010-04-13 17:13:08GSA Auto Website Directory Submitter is what you need for efficient submission in many websites. As explained by the name, this software works really …

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  1. I have found that GSA Auto Submitter works better than another directory submitter because it is updated 1-2 times per week with new directories, but is much pricier @ $50/month.