How to Plan Backlink Strategy After Google Penguin Update

Many webmasters faced the problem with Google Penguin which was launched on April 24th. Due to this system, there are many websites were falling down in Google ranking. Google Penguin will track and eliminate the websites which consist of the spam. For the webmasters who build their website with unnatural link building techniques, you should be careful since your website might not be safe. It is more recommended for you to apply the link building strategy to improve the PageRank for longer period.

The first banklink strategy after Penguin is getting more social. It is highly recommended to improve the fanbase. Nowadays, the social networks have become more important. In posting the latest content on your website, you should share it on your social pages. There are many social networks which are available including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. When you are posting the content which is interesting for your friends or followers, they will respond it by share or tweet the content. Your friends and followers also help you to spread the content.

The next strategy which you can apply is building the backlink from relevant content website. Many people consider that it is one of the safest methods to prevent Google Penguin effect. You do not need to worry about the effectiveness of the method since it is already proven. A relevance now becomes one of the most important factors in Google appraisal. The more relevant the backlink, the higher appraisal your website will get.

Consider to diversifying your anchor text. Google will fail you if you force it to rank you for specific anchor text keyword. One of the proven factors in Google penguin algorithm assessment is anchor text. Today, Google does not like the idea where the backlink websites will link to your website by using the exact anchor text keyphrase, and Google makes this parameter as a spamming activity. Due to this reason, you should use the anchor text in more natural way. It can be done by diversifying the anchor text. Keyword can be your anchor text, but it is only on range 20% – 30% backlinks, the rest should use naked url (e.x:,, etc) and general anchor text (e.x: read more, visit this website, source link, etc).

In building the backlink, you should pay attention on the quality. Google Penguin is not hesitant to give you any penalty if they find out there are a large amount of the backlinks from untrustworthy websites. In building the backlink, you should emphasize on the quality backlink from reputable website. By doing this, you will get more effective result than hundreds of post in low quality website. One of techniques you can use to strengthen your backlink is by building pyramid link type backlink.

It is also important for you to mix the dofollow and nofollow links. Do not underestimate the power of nofollow links. It is better for you to know that PageRank is not the main aspect since you need the relevancy, authority, and the quality.

To conclude, there are some things which you can do after your website gets Penguin Update. Those are including anchor text diversity, optimize the usage of the social network, build relevant backlink website, focus on the quality of the backlink, and mix the dofollow and nofollow.

I hope this post becomes one of the relevant tips to build backlink in Google Penguin era. Backlink is still needed and get necessary assessment from Google and other search engines, but you have to do it carefully, smartly and wisely.

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