A Guide to Link Pyramid Backlink Strategy

For the people who are working in internet marketing field, you might be familiar with Link Pyramid. There are some levels which are available in the pyramid link system. Those are including the bottom, 2nd level of pyramid, the high grade, and the money site.

As a basic information, the foundation of the link pyramid is the base links. Like the real pyramid, the foundation will be the largest part of the virtual structure. In building the foundation of the pyramid, you should have more base links compared to other links. The base link itself is the lower quality links. You can get the links from various sources such as low quality article websites, low quality social bookmarking websites (Pligg, PHPDug, etc), profile backlink forum, blog comments and much more. Having these links are important since Google’s algorithm considers this process is natural. It is quite uncommon for website to have only super high quality links but does not have links from lower quality sites. You have to ensure that the Link Pyramid has solid foundation of these links.

The next level is mid-grade links. You can get these links from various websites which have more authority level than the website for the base links. This level usually uses Wiki website, WordPress blog, Elg Blog, web 2.0 profile backlink, high PR forum profile backlink, or high PR social bookmarking website. On this level, we can reuse the content from Ezinearticles. The mid-grade websites have adequate amount of the links which are aimed in their own right. Due to this reason, Google will see the links which come from those websites are more valuable than the base links. You do not need the links as much as the base links website.

The last level is High Grade Links. On this level, we have website with backlinks that come from midle grade link and other types of website like link bait, link buys, manual link, etc. This level usually uses autoritative website like web 2.0, High PR Article directory, and press release. The main goal of this level is to become backlink for our main money website.

Web composition on each level does not necessarily have to appropriate to what this article is written or commonly used by others. The important thing is that in principle, the base grade backlink comes from low quality websites, midle grade backlink comes from midle quality website, and in the high grade level, the backlink comes from high quality website. You can make variations to get the link juice on your backlinks, and the most important is, do not do interlinking on your network to avoid Google footprint. Build the pyramid backlinks slowly and not in hurry, so it seems natural in Google.

If you get any difficulty in building pyramid backlink manually, you can use SENuke or Magic Submitter which has provided the diagram designer of link type, so you can build pyramid link system easily. You also can use Rank Builder Neo that has just been released and provides similar feature. Pyramid backlink will give better effect on your website fast, at least one or two months later, even faster, based on your website age.

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