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In this present day, there are various options of SEO software which you can choose according to your needs. One of those options is Ultimate Demon. This software program can be the best link building solution which offers you the best tools to be successful with SEO or internet marketing. The developer claims that Ultimate Demon is the nice balance of the price and also functionality.

For the people who require assistance with SEO link building campaigns, Ultimate Demon is very helpful. The program helps you to create backlinks from various platforms including article directories, blogs, and social bookmarks automatically.


Ultimate Demon offers the ability to create diverse backlink profile. This function is very useful to dominate the search engines. If you are wondering the best feature available in this program, this link building program has the ability to support multiple platforms. The users will be able to create the backlinks from various platforms including article directories, press releases, social bookmarking sites, Web 2.0 sites, and web directories.

Ultimate Demon also allows you to add various websites which are using various scripts. Those websites are including ArticleMS, MoinMoin, PhpDug, WikkaWiki, and much more. It means the users will be able to add some additional websites to the current lists of websites which are offered by the program. Due to this feature, you will be able to create large number of websites. In link building program, it is considered as important thing.

You can also use Ultimate Demon Scraper. The scraper will help you to search the compatible sites to be added to the submission lists. By using the scraper, you can find compatible websites from compatible script that include in ultimate demon.

The program also offers submission speed which means the submissions process can be done faster. You also need less bandwidth for the submission process. The submission speed will be increased since Ultimate Demon is multi-threaded allowing you to complete multiple processes.

Another feature which is available in Ultimate Demon is Article Spinner. In using the program, you do not need to worry about any duplicate content since the program features inbuilt article spinner. You just need to load the article and it will be spun into various unique versions. Not only Ultimate Demon Article Spinner, other spinners integrated to the program are The Best Spinner and SpinnerChief. It means the people who have account can use the API features.

Ultimate Demon Live Link Checker feature, this feature has the function to check the links which have been submitted. It will ensure you that the links are live. You can save more time since manual checking will waste much time.

Ultimate Demon Scheduler, since the submissions can be spread out over any particular period by using the inbuilt scheduler. This feature has the function to prevent a website from being published in Google Sandbox. The main reason is because excessive baclinks will look unnatural for Google. The users can increase the link velocity when the submission is spread over a period of days or weeks.

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Watch this video below to see Ultimate Demon in action.

Feature Summary

  • Multiple Platform Supported (Web 2.0 Sites, Wiki Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites, Video Sites, Article Directories, Web Directories, Press Releases, RSS Directories, Forum Profiles (Only Self Add))
  • Multi-threading support
  • Seamless Submission Process
  • Captcha support
  • Add Your Own unlimited Sites
  • Scraper
  • Privacy Protection
  • Article Spinning And Rewriting
  • Live Link Checker
  • Detailed Site Scan
  • Auto Pinging
  • Scheduler
  • Human Speed Simulation
  • Proxy Servers Support
  • 100% Socket (it does not use internet explorer)
  • Auto Sites Update

Ultimate Demon VS SENuke

SENuke has many advantages that are not owned by Ultimate Demon, but an important point is that Ultimate Demon has cheaper price than SENuke, and it also has a one time payment of $397. With this price, you can get lifetime update for the minor update and 2 years free update for major update. If you use SENuke, you only will get 3 months update for same amount of money.

Software Information

  • Monthly: $47
  • One time: $397
Guarantee30 day money back guarantee

Although the Ultimate Demon is still new, but this software has received the popularity in the market. It is because its createor’s reputation, Edwin, who is also known through Article Demon and Bookmarking Demon which are known well by a lot of internet marketers. It has been a rumor that Ultimate Demon will become one of the best competitors of SENuke and Magic Submitter in the future.

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