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Some webmasters who are working in the internet marketing business might be familiar with Social Monkee. As basic information, Social Monkee is a website which offers you the service to create extra backlink by using automated one-click and push-the-button to post system. If you are using the Social Monkee accounts, you can get 25 backlinks per submission. It is known that backlinks are incoming links to a website. If you get more backlinks, it means your website get more popularity. Backlinks usually come by signing up to various social websites and by posting the content of your website to the social profile. The service will help you to complete it automatically.

Advantages and Pros

Social Monkee works by placing your link in multiple and popular locations on the web signals to search engines. The service will help you to save more time and efforts. After trying the service, you will be able to refer 12 people who can elevate your account to premium status.

Before using the service from Social Monkee, you might want to learn the pros and cons of the service. The advantages are including the simple-push button system, and much more. Many consumers stated that the program is cost effective because the price of the program is worthy with the service provided. The users also do not need to face any difficulty in operating the program due to the simple push-button system. Whether you are beginner or experienced webmaster, you will not face any difficulty to operate the program. The service offers the reports to keep the track of the backlinks. If you cannot operate the program well, you do not need to worry since it comes with training video to help you.

Many users stated that Social Monkee is the best SEO software for backlink campaign. The service will build the link on unique C class IP and domain. Due to this reason, your website will be indexed faster. It also helps you to save more time to submit your link. Another feature offered by the service is spinning option to modify your submission every time. You can get unique and effective result for getting higher ranking.

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Despite of all benefits offered, Social Monkee still has some disadvantages. The users might get the slow results. It is quite different with other programs since it only offers one tool in your online tasks. You might find other tools available offer multiple features and functions.

Feature Summary

  • Submit 1 URL to 25 Sites Every Day
  • Get Access to Link Reports & Statistics
  • Submit URLs in a Snap With Firefox Plugin
  • All Sites on Unique C-Class IP Addresses
  • Earn 40% Commissions on Referrals


Guarantee60 day money back guarantee

Creating backlink is considered as one of the most important aspects to get your content ranked. Social Monkee is very efficient to promote your website effectively. You can also upgrade to premium account which helps you to determine if it is really worth considered.

Social Monkee Review4.75autobacklinkreview2012-07-03 02:58:38Some webmasters who are working in the internet marketing business might be familiar with Social Monkee. As basic information, Social Monkee is a webs…

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