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Twitter Backlink is the service which will create a huge social buzz around the Twitter status update which you choose. As we know, traffic is important aspect for website and you can bring more traffic to your website through Twitter. Many people are asking questions whether Google care about Twitter. You do not need to worry since Twitter is indeed increasing the search rank.


Twitter Backlink will involve thousands of unique Twitter users Retweeting the message or URL which will be seen by Google. You are also allowed to enter as many URLs as you have daily Retweets available. By using this tool, you will have complete control on the number of daily Retweets which you want each entry to accept. The users will be able to adjust the setting any time they want and monitor the Retweet count of the URL which you are promoting by using Twitter.

Twitter Backlink is using massive network with thousands of unique users which are ready to spread the word about your website. Twitter backlink also have some accounts that have been available for years. Due to this reason, they come with more authority and power.

Twitter Backlink is working with some simple steps. The first step is providing the direct URLs to your Twitter Status Update which is already created for them to Retweet. As another option, you can give them the message which you are going to promote. The service will provide the original Tweet for you. The next step of the program is the Twitter network of users will promote your tweet by using Retweets method. During the last step, you might see any exponential improvement in the social buzz. This phenomenon will give major indication to various search engines such as Google that the link which you are promoting in the twitter is important. As the result, you will gain drastic gains in various search engines since they sense huge increase in the social media.

If you are working in the online marketing, you should know that backlinks is still considered as the most influential factor in determining the website ranking in various search engines such as Google and also Bing. Due to Google Panda Update issue, Google indeed does not want spam backlinks. It only accepts high quality backlinks. However, it is not only the determining aspect since social voting and social signals are also important aspects. So if you are wondering whether this program is safe or not, you do not need to worry about the safety of the program since it is totally safe.

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Software Information

  • Basic: $9/mo
  • Advanced: $36/mo
  • Pro: $75/mo
  • Enterprise: $150/mo
Trial3 days

Because of this reason, Twitter can be important aspects to bring traffic in your website. Some users have been using Twitter Backlink and they already got the result. They are satisfied since their Twitter message had been re-tweeted more than 120 times in less than 24 hours. It means they got 120 social backlinks pointing to their webpage. Google then considers those websites as growing in popularity.

Twitter Backlink Review4.7autobacklinkreview2012-07-05 04:56:20Twitter Backlink is the service which will create a huge social buzz around the Twitter status update which you choose. As we know, traffic is importa…

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