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For those who are making money from blog or website, it is highly recommended for you to make the investments on some tools which can improve your website performance. One of those tools is Article Kevo. The main function of the tool is submitting the articles to various article websites. By installing the tool, article submission becomes easy and efficient. The users will be able to operate for hours on autopilot. The tool is not only working effectively to submit the articles, but it is also effective to build the backlinks and give your websites the exposure you need.

The features of Article Kevo

There are some features which are available in Article Kevo. The tool offers the ability for the users to create the author accounts within the software. It is using the credentials to register for accounts in your list of article directories and websites efficiently. The users will be able to create multiple author accounts for the article submission. You do not need to worry to leave the footprints and get the penalty from various search engines.

Article Kevo is equipped with one click auto fill button. By using this button, you can fill out most of the information including first name, last name, country, city, country, phone number, and much more. The tool will register for accounts with the article directories and log into your email to confirm the email. The register and email confirmation are sent by automatic manner. You just need to push the button which is available in the tool.

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The advantages of Article Kevo

When you are installing Article Kevo, you will get the list of websites where you can register and submit your articles. The tool also offers the functionality to build and also to maintain the article directories. It is also possible for you to import your own list of website directories. The list can be from other software programs and online. After importing to the AKV, it can run through the template check. The tool only adds the passing websites to your list.

Article Kevo also offers the ability to add your own WordPress blogs. For those who have their own network of self-hosted WordPress blog, you might want to add them to your AKV list. You just need to fill in the common username and password before you paste the list of blogs websites. After completing those steps, you should push the save button.

Another capability offered by the program is scraping your own list. The tool is equipped with built-in article directory scraper which is designed to scrape the directories of the supported platforms. By using the Article Kevo, you will always have the article websites to submit your articles.

Article Kevo is using one-click clean up. The tool allows the users to delete or to clean up if there is any dead website or blog from your website list. The process can be done easily with one click only. As the result, you will get the organized website lists. The program is also useful to group various article websites. By using the program, you will be able to create many groups which you want to organize according to your specific needs.

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Article Kevo4.8autobacklinkreview2012-08-09 03:58:41For those who are making money from blog or website, it is highly recommended for you to make the investments on some tools which can improve your web…

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