SENuke vs Magic Submitter and Other Seo Tools

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For those who concern and make internet marketing as one of their money maker resources, SEO is a very important factor to get your success. That’s why many internet marketers compete each others to optimize their websites in order to get top position on search engine result, especially Google.

In SEO term, build backlinks is the most important element for a website to get a good value on search engine, and that’s why the quality backlink becomes important too to get Google’s trust.

Building the backlinks can be done manually or by using software to help the process automatically. If you do it manually, it will waste your time and energy, and the process might be boring. Using a backlink software is the best option for those who want to focus on building website and good content for your website because it will save your time and energy.

There are a lot of SEO backlink tools in the market, but there are only several which are considered as popular tools. They are SENuke, Magic Submitter, Rank Builder Neo, SEO Link Robot, Ultimate Demon and SERobot. This article will discuss these softwares in detail with comparison each others in order to make you easy choose the best one based on your need. I will compare them into several aspects.

Baclink Module

SENuke: It has standard module such as 63 web 2.0, 69 Article directories, 260 web 2.0 profiles, 13 Press Release websites, 4 RSS Websites, 200 Social Bookmarking websites (including 13 popular websites plus pligg based website), and Forum Profile. SENuke also provides about 14 web platforms included article dashboard, pligg, Vbulletin, etc. You can import your own list which is based on these 14 platforms into SENuke list. Beside it, SENuke also has private blog networks which are used for link indexer, so you do not have to worry if your backlinks will not get indexed by google.

SENuke XCR: SENuke XCR will be released on August and will provide new modules such as wiki module and macro recording. The macro recording has a fusion like imacros which allows you to add your own website platform into SENuke list, so it is not limited on its standard module.

Magic Submitter: This software has standar module such as 51 Web 2.0 websites, 200 Web 2.0 Profiles, 67 popular article directories, 29 Press release websites, 37 Popular Social Bookmarking Websites, 18 Document Sharing Websites, 22 VIDEO Sharing websites, 25 RSS Websites, Web Link Directory, Wiki website, Guest Book, WordPress MU, ElgBlog, Blog Commenter, and Expression Engine. The backlink module on Magic Submitter is always growing. This is one of my favorite features on Magic Submitter. You can also import your own list which is based on the 18 default web platforms included article dashboard, article firendly, pligg, phpdug, etc.

Different from other SEO tools, Magic Submitter has a website designer feature which allows you to add any websites or platforms. This makes the capability of Magic Submitter becomes unlimited on module backlink feature.

Rank Builder Neo: Provides standard module such as 56 web 2.0, 54 Social Bookmarking websites (most of them are based on pligg), 49 article directories, 12 press release websites, 300 web 2.0 profiles, and forum profile (you can only import the forum list to create forum profile). Rank Builder Neo’s module seems ordinary, but the advantage of this software is its free unlimited access to blog network on Authority Link Network which is usually charged $49,95/month.

Ultimate Demon: Ultimate Demon has standard backlink module such as Web 2.0. Unfortunately, it still has a weakness. It only has about 12 popular web 2.0 websites and most of them are based on elg and jcow. Other modules that Ultimate Demon has are Press releases, web directories, article directories, social bookmark sites, wikis, RSS directories, and video website. Ultimate Demon supports 21 web platforms and always grows, and you can add your own list based on those 21 web platforms.

Seo Link Robot: it has 24 Web 2.0 websites, 21 Social Bookmarking websites, 6 press release websites, 29 article Directories (most of them are WordPress base), and 3 RSS Feed Websites. If you have your own private blog list based on WordPress, you can also add it to Seo Link Robot.

SERobot 2: SERobot 2 provides backlink module for web 2.0 with about 15-20 websites, but not as many as on SENuke, Magic Submitter, or SLR. SERobot is almost closer to Ultimate Demon which provides web 2.0 based on elg and jcow website and also provides article directory, RSS directory, Bookmarking Sites, Press Releases, and Forum Profiles. Serobot 2 also supports 13 web platforms and you can import your own website list.

Article Scraper & Spinner

SENuke: It has article scraper feature which is more advanced than others.

Magic Submitter: This feature becomes the weakness of Magic Submitter. Beside it does not have article scraper or article generator, Magic Submitter also only has an integrated Magic Article Rewriter, different from other softwares which support independent article spinner software like The Best Spinner or SpinnerChief. Magic Submitter still support jet spinner syntax, so if you want to create and spin the article, you have to use separated software and then copy and paste it into Magic Submitter.

Ultimate Demon: Ultimate Demon has its own article spinner due to its creator, Edwin, also has independent article spinner which is integrated to Ultimate Demon. Not only that, Ultimate Demon also integrates the other article spinners such as The Best Spinner, SpinnerCheif, SpinChimp and ContentProfessor.

SEO Link Robot: It has a built-in article scraper from 5 article directories. For its article spinner feature, Seo Link Robot is integrated with The Best Spinner, Spinchimp and SpinnerChief.

SERobot: It has article scraper feature which will scrape article from ezine article directory. SERobot 2 also has been integrated with article spinner software like Seo Link Robot and Ultimate Demon.

Rank Builder Neo: It does not have any article scraper nor article spinner feature.

Captcha Breaker

All SEO tools above provide captcha breaker feature from third party captcha breaker service such as decaptcher and deathbycaptcha. SENuke also has its own captcha breaker feature which is available for free, so it will decrease the captcha cost. Besides, if you own Captcha Sniper, this program has been integrated with Magic Submitter, Seo Link Robot, and Ultimate Demon.

Backlink Designer

Senuke: It has an advanced diagram designer. With this backlink diagram designer, you can plan the backlink type and structure easily and automatically. You can create a link pyramid structure without doing it manually, just arrange it in this diagram designer, and SENuke will work based on your structure. SENuke also has standard or default backlink diagram if you do not want to create your own self.

Magic Submitter: Magic submitter also has a backlink diagram designer which is very similar with SENuke.

Rank Builder NEO: Although it does not have more flexible and advanced backlink diagram designer, but if you want to create pyramid backlink structure, Rank Builder Neo can create it easily because it has tiered backlink feature which allows you to design maximum 3 level of pyramid backlink.

SEO Link Robot: It does not have any diagram designer, but you can create backlink linkwheel type easily, included open linkwheel backlink type.

SERobot 2: It still does not have link diagram designer feature, but it promises to add this feature on the next version in several next months.

Ultimate Demon: At this time, this software does not have any backlink designer feature, but in several months, it will launch the feature. It seems that Ultimate Demon will provide backlink designer almost similar to SENuke and Magic Submitter.


SENuke has the highest price of $147/month, but if you see the features provided and the backlink variation generated, then a high price is relatively not too much of a problem. It is proved by its popularity that many internet marketer still hire and use it. Click here to get 14 days free trial >>

The second position is Rank Builder Neo with $77/month. This price is relatively worth with the package of rankbuilder + Authority Link Network which will cost $50/month. Click here to get 7 days trial for only $4.95 >>

Next is Magic Submitter. It is available in $67/month price which is also still relatively suitable with the feature that has almost similar to SENuke in module backlink feature. Click here to get one month trial for only $4.95 >>

Ultimate Demon has cheaper price than the third software, about $47/month or $397 for lifetime license. With this price, you can get 2 years free major version upgrade. Click here to try Ultimate Demon >>

SEO Link Robot also has cheaper price. It is $47/month and $347 for lifetime license. What makes Seo Link Robot different from Ultimate Demon is its unlimited free upgrade. Click here to get free trial >>

SERobot 2, although it is still new and has less feature than others, this software has attracted many internet marketers because of its cheap price, only $19/month. If you have limited budget, then SERobot 2 can be a good alternative. Click here to get discount price using coupon code “B79F172877″ >>

Which one is the best?

I will not decide or recommend you which software is the best because each of them has its own advantage and disadvantage. This article only provides comparison data and information between the softwares in order to share a little knowledge for you based on my experiences after trying them. The best for you is by trying the software and see whether they are suitable for you or not.

SENuke offers 14 days free trial, Magic Submitter offers one month trial with price $4.95, and so does Rank Builder Neo which offers 7 days trial with price $4.95. Seo Link Robot also provides the trial version with limited feature. There are only Ultimate Demon and SERobot which do not offer trial option. But you do not have to worry since all of these softwares offer money back guarantee for 30 – 60 days. Although they do not have trial version, you can still try the software. If you think it is not worth, you ca ask a refund easily.

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