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Article Ranks is the public blog network which has the function to connect the post authors with the bloggers who are looking for the content. It can be said the program is working similarly like SEOLinkvine and MyArticleNetwork. By using this service, you will be able to find various websites which take the content, allowing you to have various backlink options from various backgrounds.

Pros and Cons

Article Ranks is working with various websites. The program is not only using the blogs which are posted by the users but it also submits about 30-80 websites per month. There are various websites in PageRank and C Class IP address. The users are allowed to distribute posts into the system and are allowed 3 contextual links for each post.

By using Article Ranks, you will be able to have spun content which has unique content to distribute throughout the website effectively. By using the spun article, you might get extra backlinks to your website. It means you will have less work. The program offers the ability of common spun formats. The users can paste in through their text editor. The feature is very useful especially for the beginner. The program will work effectively for spinning the articles. You will be able to spin every sentence for 10 times right by using the useful instruction. The program also comes with synonym suggester which is working to spin the articles within their websites. The process will be much simpler for you.

The users will need to submit the articles which are 300 words in length after spinning process. The program allows the users to use three backlinks in the post. When you are installing Article Rank, you will get some advantages. The users can get for about 150 backlinks from each single post which is submitted. Another advantage offered is the multiple affordable subscription options. When you are using the article submission services, you will need to pay monthly recurring cost. This cost is not affordable. However, when you are using the Article Ranks, you will not need to pay any cost plan. In using the solution, you might want to proceed and upgrade to monthly plan whenever you want it. This affordable subscription allows you to submit limitless articles providing the backlinks for limitless domains.

Article Ranks also offers the option to spin the articles automatically or manually. The users can save more times. It is quite different with Build My Rank, the program allows the users to provide the spinning syntax by yourself. You can also complete the process automatically. Choose the best option for your needs.

If you compare Article Ranks with other networks, the software allows you to submit more links in each post. When you publish the articles to the network, it must be 300 words minimum to be accepted. The only disadvantage from the program is the unique syntax for spinning content. Many webmasters think it is quite complicated. For the beginner, the publishing system is also quite complicated.

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Article Rank Penguin Beating Formula

Article Ranks got hit by penguin and about 20% of their blog networks get deindexed, but after doing some researches, they wake up again with new penguin beating formula. Article Ranks team believe that the other networks got hit by Penguin because of this reason:

  • Some Private blog network report published url to the user, then AR team believe that this list already reported to google and then google deindex their network
  • Many blog network publish garbage content with no media content, this is will make their network useless and google will hit blog with garbage content
  • Many blog network only using wordpress platform on their network, which make google easily to recognize.
  • Other blog network post non relevant content to their blog even -inrelevant categories to their network
  • Others only use SEO Hosting, AR team believe Google recognize private blog network from their C Classes to deindex blog site.


  • Starter: $39.99/mo
  • Pro: $89.99/mo

Article ranks already updated their system to beat Google Penguin, and now they do not only post your content to blog network based on WordPress platform, but they will also will build backlink and post your article to web 2.0 properties like Posterous, Squidoo, Blogger, Livejournal, etc. Article ranks now already has 16 different platforms to post your article including blog network from web 2.0 properties. This will make sure that Penguin will not hit your website and build quality backlink to your website.

Article Ranks4.75autobacklinkreview2012-09-14 06:05:22Article Ranks is the public blog network which has the function to connect the post authors with the bloggers who are looking for the content. It can …

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