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When you are looking for the best system for link building process, you should consider getting Sick Submitter 4. The developers have written the program to be easier to use. The latest version provides more accurate and more powerful operation. Even though the product is designed with more powerful operation, the developers are still consistent on their commitment to give the outstanding quality tool and the best support in the industry. The system is also available in the affordable price which will not bore a hole in your wallet.

Features and Advantages

There are some advanced features which you can enjoy in Sick Submitter 4. The program is developed with much faster and better looking. The developers have been rewritten the program completely. As the result, the users will be able to enjoy faster performance. It is also using less memory and operates more stable than the previous model. Another feature is the link template system. By using this included feature, the users will be able to add their own links without coding process. You will not need to depend on the programmer to provide the links for you.

Sick Submitter 4 is equipped with newbie friendly wizards. When you are filling some basic information in this system, you can build your links in minutes professionally. The program is also designed with Sick Browser. The developers have built the program with new lightweight Sick Browser which is including many special features. These features are making it is more siple for Independent Coders to release all new templates and packets. Many users consider Sick Submitter 4 is like WP plugins for links.

The users can also enjoy the data manager allowing you to retrieve your data for internal reports or for your clients. The feature offers limitless methods to complete this task. Sick Submitter 4 also comes with scheduler. To keep things to look natural for the search engines, the developers have rewritten the scheduler allowing you to link to various website numbers at various times.

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For the people who want to get the most complete solution for the backlink building plans and online business, Sick Submitter 4 will be good addition. Those new features which are added have the function to provide better results. You can get those outstanding features with affordable price.

Sick Submitter 4 was designed to follow the success of Sick Submitter. The developers of the program realized the success of the previous version. They kept the same features before adding a host of others to the latest version. When using the program, the users will be able to have the ability at your disposal to create RSS feeds, Profiles, Articles, Directory Links, Social Bookmarks, Blog Comments, and Web 2.0 websites.


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  • $19.99 / month
  • $189.99 / year

By using the enhanced features in Sick Submitter 4, you can bring more traffic to your websites. You will be able to overcome the competition in your niches. The program can help you to save more time and effort. Before purchasing any program, the users can take the advantage of the free 3 day trial period to try the program. You can check and test those features and prove the effectiveness by your own.

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