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Bookmarking Demon maybe still the best social bookmarking software submitter in the market, they have manye feature that other social bookmarking submitters don’t have, and edwin as the creator of this software has added many new feature in this version. I write this bookmarking demon review for people that want to know about this social bookmarking software.

Bookmarking Demon 6 (click to visit) is the 6th software version which can be used to get tons of traffics as well as several back links. This is commonly known as a part of some social bookmarking software.

Bookmarking Demon Pros

  • Already has 100 social bookmarking sites list. Software comes with a mixture of Popular Main Sites, Edwin include 29 Main Social Bookmark Website, also mix with top social bookmark website based on Scuttle sites, ScuttlePlus sites and Pligg sites. You also can add your own scuttle, pligg and scuttle plus and in this program edwin include PHPDug type website
  • Bookmarking Demon helps support a large list of social bookmarking list like scuttle, pligg and scuttle plus, PHP Dug German’s PublicBookmark Social Bookmarking Sites scripts now you can add more social bookmarking website to search backlink and more traffic. However, it doesn’t end there because there are still numerous bookmarking scripts that are supported by software.
  • Automatic Account creation is the most powerfull feature in this program. To reduce your footprint in the internet, this software has added the ability to register different usernames when you create your accounts! It will randomly pick one username and register at each of the bookmarking site, you can also generate several usernames and passwords that can surely make the process simpler and easier. this software can also be used for automatic verification of emails which is required for registration needs.
  • Bookmarking Demon also has other great features such as auto save, browser view, multi threading, email verification or validation and scheduling. In the auto save, only this software that has this feature which makes this version even more efficient and saves more time compared to the first 4 previous versions and also, its competitors.
  • Hide your links automatically! it will grab random links in order to add to your bookmarking run and make your accounts look more legit. You can add couple rss feed from another website and it automaticly will bookmark your website randomly with another website link. This will help to camouflage the webpages that you are bookmarking.
  • You can use proxy feature to bookmark your web pages. Couple social bookmarking website limit the account creation number per day per ip. This why you need proxy to create more account to social bookmarking website. This software will check Proxy list in real time. You only has to set the option. This process is more easier and better than the previous version.
  • It also allows you to use the meta tags from your websites and automatically retrieves all of your website’s urls, up to 100 levels deep in your website, and automatically loads them into the software with their Title and Tags built from their meta tags.
  • Another feature of the program is its project management which is necessary in improving the productivity of your site. It is also used for amazing report systems that will ensure that you have a complete control over your site.
  • Special randomize title, description and tag feature. These randomization features will greatly reduce any issue of duplicate content
  • Pinging feature. It will automatically place your social bookmarking profiles into the ping section after you have done some bookmarkings and ping your social bookmarking profile.
  • New email verification function.It include email verification feature So you don’t have to login to your email and click on a link to verify your account again, simply add your email accounts, and it will perform the account verification for you just click ‘Process Emails’ button.

Bookmarking Demon Cons

Many people maybe consider the price of bookmarking demon somewhat expensive at the price $150, After all, business needs investment and if you want to gain and be more productive, you have to make several investments.

Video Demo

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Bookmarking Demon Testimonial

Testimonial from Warrior Forum member

Bookmarking Demon Testimonial Warrior Forum

Testimonial on Warrior Forum

BMD Software Information

Price$147 one time
Guarantee60 Days
Discount CodeSee below

In online marketing, Bookmarking Demon is just one of the few investments you have to consider, especially if you are aiming for a more productive site and higher ranking in a lot of the search engines and social networking bookmarking sites. this software is also helpful in increasing your traffic which can be converted to profit or money as well.

With this great list feature, I can make sure that this is one of the best social bookmarking submitter in the market, so no wonder many social marketing expert recommend this tool for you. Bookmarking demon support is great you can always get reply from their support desk in 24 hours, BMD is selling at $197 price, but for a limited time you can get this great tools for only $127, and remember you have 60 days no question ask guarantee, if you don’t like it, you can ask refund your money.

Bookmarking Demon Review and Discount4.75autobacklinkreview2012-04-29 16:43:42Social Bookmarking Demon you can easily bookmark our Pages, Profiles, Web 2.0 Stuff with a simple CLICK.

5 comments on “Bookmarking Demon Review and Discount

  1. Azad @ Wordpress Geeks on said:

    So far it is good. High recommended.

  2. Hi,

    How many German Bookmarks are possible in “Bookmark Demon”?

    And what is the reason, why “Social Submitter 2.5″ is on Position one on your yeviews?


    • admin on said:

      Hello Alex.

      Thank you for leaving comment here. I don’t remember how many exactly German social bookmark websites in bookmarking demon, but you can add pligg, scuttle and phpdug type of social bookmark website that you can find in Germany language. And the reason why I put social submitter in number one because they have more social bookmarking website with high PR than bookmarking demon. But bookmarking demon still has more great features than social submitter, so maybe we have different opinion when compare this two softwares. but both of softwares still become the best social bookmarking software in the market.

  3. Veneta on said:

    How many bookmarking websites you can submit to with this software? And if you can add more, how many more you can add?

    • Hello Thankyou for your comment, bookmarking demon default list is about 100 social bookmarking website, but you can add more bookmarking website to this software. You can find socal bookmarking website list based on pligg, phpdugg, scuttle, etc on internet

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