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Rank Builder is a new form of Link Builder Pro from Alex Goad and his team, even better. With RankBuilder you can submit your site and content to hundreds of the most heavily trafficqued websites in the world, thus immediately putting you in front of an audience of hundreds of millions of searches and buyers.

Some people might think “blackhat”, but RankBuilder is not a Blackhat tool and is NOT meant to be used in that way. It is simply a robotic means to duplicate at the speed of computers what you would otherwise do manually.

In essence, this is just one of the features of RankBuilder, and you could use it to build 50 sites, each with 50 pieces of unique content and your backlinks in just about 30 minutes. Think about it, that’s 2500 links on properties you control all pointing to where you want.

Rankbuilder has several features, all of created to get your content out to as many worthwhile places as possible while grabbing unique one way backlinks to your money pages.



  • Creates Blogs on web 2.0 sites
  • Creates Profiles on some of the most heavy traffic websites in the world
  • Bookmarks on over 25 of the toli liroperties
  • Creates advanced link wheels (a network of sites belonging to you which all point to your money pages)
  • Submits your (spun) articles to directories with your links
  • Leverages the linkbooster function, which automatically creates links to your links and to the properties RankBuilder already created for you.
  • Set your username and password one time in the configuration panel: RankBuilder will now use this information to create as many properties as you want, without you having to type it in ever again
  • automatically Busts the CAPTCHA, so again, if you are using the automated CAPTCHA breaker, you don’t even need to be there while this happens
  • Creates throwaway email addresses for you, gets the confirmation email and clicks the link, totally hands free
  • logs into your new account, configures a version of your article and tags and clicks enter, meaning you now have a new site, complete with your unique content and links, and all you did was tell it where to post.
  • captures the URL of the site it just created and automatically bookmarks it, pings it and submits its RSS feed to multiple directories while you either sit and watch or do something else entirely: the whole process is automated.


Price$67 /Month
Trial$4.95 for 7 days
Guarantee60 days money back guarantee

Say goodbye to the days of suboptimal traffic: it’s so easy and powerful that a very short RankBuilder session goes a very long way, doing in 30 minutes the same work 4 outsourced workers could do in a week, only with affordable budget.

Rank Builder4.6autobacklinkreview2010-04-12 20:13:28Rank Builder is a new form of Link Builder Pro from Alex Goad and his team, even better. With RankBuilder you can submit your site and content to hund…

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  1. file recovery on said:

    Thanks for offering great software. Link Builder Pro is the easiest way to create links and the main thing is that link builder pro automatically do the RSS feed submission.

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