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Blog Comment Demon 3 Review is a new update version from older version of Blog Comment Demon which is created by Edwin who is also the creator of Bookmarking Demon, one of the most popular bookmarking site submitter in the market.

Before you ask me whether Blog Domment Demon can automatically submit your comment or not, I can say ‘no’. Blog Comment Demon 3 isn’t a software like Scrapebox which will submit your comment automatically. If you want to get this kind of software, you better get Scrapebox for your self.

Many people think that they will get value backlink if getting scrapebox and submit their comment automatically. But in fact, many of them are failed and have low success rate even when you buy the auto approve list that is sold with more than $50 price on some forums. Why is this happening? Simple answer, because many blog owners are already aware of spam comment and they will move your comment to trash or flag it as spam. The problem is not only your IP address like many people think, but also your website. And if your website is already signed as spam by Askimet, although you use proxy, your website is still signed as spam website and your comment will go to spam box automatically.

That’s the reason why you won’t get more success rate in comment backlink. But don’t worry, you can even still get backlink from blog commenting with proper way by using Blog Comment Demon. Yes, Blog Comment Demon isn’t an automatic software but it still can fill comment form and you can edit the comment with relevant content to the post. When the owner see your comment, they will approve it. Let’s take a look at Blog Comment Demon pros and cons that I’ve written below.

Software Pros

  • Blog Comment Demon 3 will search for blog posts that are related to the search terms you are interested in. The returned results provide you with several pieces of information such as the URL, the top level domain (.com, .net etc), the domain PageRank, the post PageRank, the type of tag (nofollow, dofollow or unknown), the number of comments already on the post, the number of outgoing links on the page, the estimated publication date and the page title. It’s a complete enough data, isn’t it?
  • Blog Comment Demon supports 6 popular blog platforms. It also has a scrapper feature like Scrapebox has and also can drill information about the URL before you use them.
  • Sorting the URL which you want to use according the search engine rank, page rank, or domain page rank. This will help you to get more targeted blog post.
  • Automatically fills comment form and then you can edit your comment or submit it. With this feature, you can add relevant comment to the post, not only general comment such as “Your post is good” or “Nice post, keep up the good work”. That kinds of content can be easily known as spam comment.

Software Cons

  • It doesn’t submit your comment automatically like any other comment submitter tools. But I’ve told you above the benefit to add a relevant comment instead of only blast your comment with low success rate.

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Blog Comment Demon Testimonial

Testimonial from Warrior Forum


Price$67 one time
Guarantee60 Days

That’s all my personal pros and cons. You can add your personal pros and cons too at comment below. Blog Comment Demon 3 is just out with affordable price, only $67. But I don’t know when it will increase, so I think it’s time to get it before the price moves fast :-)

Blog Comment Demon 34.8autobacklinkreview2010-08-07 07:03:51Blog Comment Demon 3 Review is a new update version from older version of Blog Comment Demon which is created by Edwin who is also the creator of Book…

7 comments on “Blog Comment Demon 3

  1. Alarm Monitoring Houston on said:

    Does this software have a free trial period?

  2. @Alarm, No, it doesn’t. But it has 60 days money back guarantee

  3. A nice review indeed. I agree that the blog comment demon is decent software as a backlinking strategy. I bought this software recently and am finding it to be very effective. However here are a few problems with this software.

    1. It is quite slow. A scan can take anywhere between 15 min to an hour. Moreover you cannot post comments till the scan is done.

    2. The comment count feature is quite wrong. It simply does not know how to count.

    But I think it is a decent value for money otherwise.

    • sam@blog comment software on said:

      I agree with wildoc. Blog Comment Demon can be slow and it does not allow one to start commenting till the scan is done, unlike the fast blog finder which scans in the background while allowing you to open pages as well. So I would prefer the Fast Blog Finder.

  4. Nice I didn’t know u could get ur money back if u don’t like it in 30 days. That’s what took me so long to buy it because I didn’t want to waste my money if it didn’t work.

    I heard of Fast Blog Finder…. but for some reason I though Blog comment demon would be better. I might check out Fast blog finder and see some videos to see if I might like this one a little better.

    Thanks for the review.

  5. microns on said:

    its very useful for blog commenting

  6. Shishir Gupta on said:

    I am going to buy BCD. I will tell you the response later, at this moment I am convinced that it works.

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