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Backlink is very crucial to get success in reaching a higher position in the search engine like google. Backlink is all links which are received by a website from other websites. The more backlink it has, the more popular the website is. This is how Google appreciate a website because it has more value. More backlinks a website has, then its position in Google is better.

Building backlink is not as easy as we are thinking. You have to get quality backlink from high PR website and relevant website, so your backlink will be marked valuable by Google. Building quality backlink needs more effort and time which will be very boring for those who try to optimize their websites. That’s why we find some backlink softwares in the market that will help you to change all the tedious process becomes much faster and more effectively.

Backlink software contains of several types and functions. Each product has its own characteristics and advantages. You need to know what kind of backlink you want to build and what type of software you want to use. Below are several backlink types and programs.

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1. Article Directory

Article directory is one of the most favorite places for internet markerters to build backlink. You can submit article and get backlink from it. There are thousands article directories out there and you can use several article submitter softwares like article marketing robot, article demon, article plus and article kevo to submit your articles automatically.

2. Social Bookmark

Social bookmarking website also becomes a popular place for backlink building. The softwares which will help you to build backlink in social bookmarking website are bookmarking demon, social submitter, pligg submitter, and social bomber.

3. Backlink profile

This kind of backlink is known when Paul & Angela introduced backlink packet which consists of website where you can place your link on user profile. Backlink profile is then well developed not only on web 2.0 profile, but also on forum profile. The softwares which will help you build backlink profile on web 2.0 are Rank Leap and Sick Submitter, while for forum profile, you can use forumbot.

4. Document submitter

Document sharing website now becomes a new interest of backlink type. It is because document sharing website usually has high PR and becomes one of the most trusted resource in Google. You can use document submitter and rank whizz to build backlink from this website.

5. Wiki Backlink

This also includes the newly backlink interest by internet markerter. Wiki website is considered has more value on search engine because it is one of information resources on internet. You can use Wiki Nuke and wiki bomber for building this kind of backlink.

6. Multi Platform

All kinds of backlinks mentioned above can be built with only one type of software, such as senuke xcr, Magic Submitter, Rank Builder, SEO Link Robot and Sick Submitter. The benefits from these softwares is that you can get more quality backlink because these softwares are always updated regularly and has more high PR website list than other softwares. The only disadvantage is the price which is relatively expensive and you need to pay it monthly.

Software backlink will much help you to create one way link for your website, but you have to do it carefully. Do not ever do a bombardier link at a time. Do a drip feed method in backlink building. It is easy since every backlink software has a schedule feature and you can determine the number of backlink you want to submit daily. Backlink software is only tool. A more decisive success is the users themselves.

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